Manifest Through The Path Of Your Heart – A loving Invite from your team



Phew it’s a been a topsy turvy month, and yet we’re not done yet – do you STILL believe that things can get better – and yes – even this year?  GREAT……me too


Right now are you feeling as if you have no time for ‘you’ as a lightworker,  a heart centered being, as someone who knows you have to put YOU at the top of the list to manifest anything good?


Do you feel a though the kids, the pets, the spouse and your work colleagues all have ‘the best of you’ and what’s left is tired, drained and just wants to sleep?


And yet, are you Feeling a growing awareness that this isn’t ‘all’ you signed up for, that somewhere in with everyone else’s needs you would not be serving Their highest path – if you don’t step into and manifest yours?






Your team have led you here because you Are able to manifest resources, opportunities and yes even more abundance and happiness not ‘despite’ but Because of the life you have now, they want to teach you how to use where you are to take you where you want to be……it’s easy when you know how!



A loving invite from your team…………


So – if you are ‘one of my top 15’ and you are ready to do more than think about different and you know

that you have to do something about it, click the link below and sign up for my complimentary webinar on Friday November 6th 6.30 pm UK time – if you can’t make it live you can have a replay, – live on the call we will be helping you blow the blocks out of the way and nourish and nurture you so that all your dreams can comee true



I only have around 9 places left now and these are prioritised for those that can make it live if this is you please do me the honour of joining me and your team live for a heart filling webinar that could, just might, change everything for you



With love magic and blessings

Sheelagh and your team

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