Manifesting With Queen Maeve – simples



Fairytales or real life magic  – what does the law of attraction feel like to you ?


Would you ‘love’ more money but can’t see or perceive ‘how’ or ‘when’ that will happen?

Do you constantly ‘try’ and be positive up beat until you get whalloped by reality – again?

Are you tired of all that mental work and ‘when will it be here’ energies ?  Then this is for you


Queen Maeve is the Goddess Of Manifestation and a Fairy Queen I work with a lot she is brilliant at helping you to understand the myths of manifesting and the reality of ‘magical but real life changes’ I adore how simple she makes it and how easily achievable it is ‘today’ with her guidance channeled through me


Todays video is one of many that Ill be sharing in the run up to ‘Midsummer Magic’ and is an opportunity for you to receive some real life help rather than fairytales that don’t come true – enjoy with all my love


If you enjoy this video and would like some personal assistance from June onwards I am offering spirit led clarity calls to see how i can help you to expand, these are all channeled and your guides will tell me very clearly if we can assist you – they cost you nothing except 20 minutes of your time and a skype call – which is also free


Anyway enough of all that onto the ‘main event; here are ‘Me and Maeve helping you to understand magic rather than fairytales



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