Mediumship Training


Have you wanted to be a Psychic Medium but not had the confidence to take that next step ? 
In my years as a medium and a teacher I have seen some incredibly talented mediums not realise just how accurate
they were, it really is a matter of confidence and practice that makes the difference

In my mediumship training you will receive 4 lessons via zoom where we will focus on your current level
of mediumship and help you to become the Medium it’s possible for you to be. 
I teach Evidential Mediumship, which is where your focus is life after death proof,
Psychic Mediumship which is a mixture of evidence and Psychic Life Guidance within this I teach you to read timelines
without tools and to connect to a clients spirit guides, I also teach Trance Mediumship to those that are ready

Why not book a complimentary Mediumship chat, where we can look at your gifts and I will tell you quite honestly the
best next step for you. Book your Mediumship chat here .  Or book your training below

Mediumship Training £333