A Message From Alariel Angel of Manifestation



Hey gorgeous how are you ? Probably feeling as though you are moving in ten directions at once and as if some areas of your life are expanding beautifully and others are crumbling and dissembling – this retro grade is very powerful and we want you to know there is a divine plan for you in all ways



I have been asked to get back in touch with my channeling roots and to bring through the energies of the divine feminine that are supporting us all at this time, the divine feminine is literally a swathe of conciousness that many starbeings originate from – they tell me that the divine feminine is about support, being held as you go through these changes, and actually deciding to make changes that you’ve been a little unsure about because of the support around you


I am seeing so many people wanting a lot more than they have and yet they feel vulnerable and concerned that their bigger dreams and desires are not meant for them, and all to easily they can dip into the masculine energies which align you with ‘make, progress, force if we’re not careful and frustration’ these are not the energies that support the results you desire


The divine feminine is about birth, happening in an easy and gentle manner – there will be contractions and there will be expansions but in the end what you birth will be perfectly suited to your divine pre life plan


Alariel has recorded this short meditation through me using my voice as the catalyst to support you to connect with her and her gift of ‘star energy’ at this time – this gift connects you to the divine feminine in a way that allows you to review what needs to change, what support and help you need energetically, what support you require emotionally and what help you need in the ‘real world’ I am told the foundation that most of us need to create comes from all of these areas


‘Receiving The Feminine To Manifest With Alariel’ is my gift today for you here

Alariel made herself known to me when I was also going through this – I have taken the decision to offer my wonderful show I Love Abundance as a webinar right now, and Alariel made her appearance to second my guides suggestion – she showed me easily that the path forward IS easy it IS effortless if we are doing what is right for us at this time, if it feels as though we are hitting our head against a brick wall it’s because we have gone into mind energy and we are not following the flow, the flow is always coming through from your soul – and your soul will always help you on a day to day basis to manifest the next step in every way – I call this ‘Soul Abundance’




Soul Abundance is all about being ready and willing to move into the next phase, and yet Soul Abundance is about your soul not action – it is acting when you are ready for the next step, beautifully ready energetically to expand, and stepping into it in a way that is supported comfortable nourishing and easy for you – this is when the results of manifesting ‘anything’ in your life happen easily and as your soul has decreed – through your highest path


We hope you enjoy this loving gift and we are truly excited to hope you will use this as i do to move into the next stage of expansion growth and manifestation


Sending you much warmth and love

Sheelagh and your team

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