A Message From Your Guides – Time To Walk The Path Of Light…..yes you….

pathOver the past 2 weeks people have been experiencing so much stress, trauma and general empathic overload – for me this included a week of conflict, physical assault and illness…..but my guides told me this was in fact the ending of the path I was on, and like everyone (yes you too) we are All now being asked to ‘Walk The Path Of Light’

If you are experiencing the following this certainly applies to you :

  • Feeling exhausted even though your routine hasn’t changed
  • Unexpected expenses, and fear around money
  • Stress energy coming in around family and relationships
  • Feeling tired and depleted in your career or business


Now the ‘good news’ is it’s because you ‘already turned a corner’ as a soul – the bad news is it’s going to take 3 weeks to calibrate and that calibration needs to start with an understanding of what’s being asked of you so that things start to flow again, and what the rewards are









Walking the path of light isn’t always easy, and when we try to become something new we will be challenged by the Universe to ask us ‘are you sure you want this’ that said the rewards are humongous, none of us can continue ‘coping’ and ‘surviving’ in the way that we were, illness, breakdowns, low levels of pleasure and lack of abundance will continue for those that refuse to ‘become the light’ that we all truly are


So if reading this you think ‘well I’m a good person, I do way too much for everyone, I don’t know how much more I can be or do for others I’m knackered’ hang on a red hot second


Your guides want life to be EASIER for you they want you to have LESS effort, LESS stress and MORE tools at your disposal, they want you to understand yourself as a soul creator rather than a mind creator (who only gets partial results ) and they want you to radiate your True Core Soul Essence so that you become the magnet you truly are – but in a positive way


Walking The Path Of Light May Mean For You :


  • Changing your diet and eating organic produce, reducing alcohol, stimulants and ‘crutches’ – you don’t need them you have your guides and your soul to help you
  • Releasing judgements of all those that you fear may hurt you or limit you – that’s their walk beautiful not yours and Nothing good comes of judgement even when the ‘evidence’ is so firmly in front of you
  • Not trying so damn hard to please others – and saying ‘no’ and meaning it when you just’ can’t or feel compelled Not to do that thing
  • Putting excellent self care in place -and keeping it there you will be treated by the Universe the way you treat yourself
  • Very simply deciding no matter the outer circumstances right now that you ‘are 100% creating a life of ease and abundance’ and LIVING that in each moment, this does not mean being happy all the time – when you are radiating your core soul energy you don’t have to supress your feelings – you are being you you came here to be, it’s a decision and an intention









It doesn’t have to be difficult, what I see is people wrestling with their lives ‘right now’ so that this becomes impossible, learning to work with your core soul vibration ‘does all of this for you ‘ the benefits of walking the path of light are


  • The spiritual worlds take much more interest in you and begin to send the right people your way (clients opportunities resources )
  • Your intuition and empathic gifts increase positively making choices easier
  • Your ability to manifest increases
  • Your quota of luck multiplies


On Sunday I will be sharing how to work with your soul in my new series ‘Your Soul Purpose’ which is all about becoming a Soul Creator not a Mind Creator – we cannot wait to help you further


For now know that you were supposed to get this message, it’s time for you to be the light you wish to receive


With great love and 100% belief in you


Sheelagh and your team

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