Mid Summer Magic With The Fae – You are invited Into Our World Of Magic And Abundance



So most people know that I hear angels, but I’ll be straight one of the energies that has helped me personally the most are my fairies hence them depicted with me on all of my literture.  People think of the fairies as being light, wishy washy and the stuff of kids fairy tales, but let me tell you how they helped me – honestly and in straight terms



I hit a brick wall in my business around a year ago, I felt burnt out, tired and yet still had to ‘bring in the bacon’ for my family, this of course has the opposite effect, and business dried up along with my mo jo and i found myself wondering if this was truly my path.


As it happens I live in a beautiful part of the world, so I spent many summer mornings walking through the meadows or meditating under the trees and near the flowers, I started to hear these tinkling soft voices and to see bright sparks of energy out side the corner of my eye, my mentor confirmed yes these were my ‘soul fae’ soul family to me, I invited them into my aura to work with me as part of my time, and everything slowly seemed lighter and more magical.


I redesigned my website, not caring a jot what the ‘norm’ was, and the fae were clear in order for me to make my mark I had to be completely and utterly who I am – which is quirky, honest and down to earth with a big dose of magic.  They Fae helped me to find the people I was supposed to work with, they also helped my husband find a job and even got me writing my book – which was completed and sent to be published in 6 weeks.


The Fae were very clear consistency is vital if you are wanting to manifest – and focusing entirely on the present so that the universe can gift to you in magical and light ways.  They instructed me to complete simple energetic tasks which I follow to this day, to keep the door open to new clients and places to be found.


The biggest ways I personally found the Fae can help are


  • Helping you to open your abundance chakras
  • Helping you to focus upon the blessings that you do have
  • Bringing your vibration way higher than it is right now, so you meet the people and receive the resources you require
  • Assist you in heightening your connection with your guides and angels through light infusions
  • Give you infusions of joy, abundance, fun and laughter so that you are able to tackle every situation from a place of ease
  • Bringing you into contact with people necessary for your path
  • Literally giving you clairvoyance ‘as a gift’
  • Helping you to lighten your diet and love your body with ease and magic no sweat needed
  • Bring love back into relationships that were struggling

fairies 2


Fae as I know them are very like angels, yet because they are parralel to the 3rd dimension they are able to interact with us in a much easier way they can literally be ‘with’ us through out our day  They see the issues that occupy our minds and they realise how often it’s hard to move away from the ‘perceived absence’ of something, they are very powerful beings who moderate and motivate nature, the flowers, the animals etc to reproduce in a consistent manner


Bringing fairies into your world can help with issues such as

  • Receiving more money in wonderful ways
  • Receiving more clients with ease and fun
  • Opening your abilities to spirit almost instantly
  • Understanding your higher path purpose and lessons

fairies 3


Over the end of May and through June I’m going to be introducing a fun and practical theme  ‘Mid Summer Magic’ which will be with both the Angels and the Fairies on my team, ill be sharing videos’ activations, threads and discounts all because I really love to asisst people bringing more light and possibility into their lives


You can join in the fun by joining my group ‘Practical Magic’ on facebook which is where the weekly threads will be – I will also be hosing from June 1st a weekly Q & A column about manifestation and abundance you can join the group here – it’s friendly and loving and we’d love to see you there https://www.facebook.com/groups/394712257393726/


Mid Summer Magic is designed to bring you back in touch with magic and mystery you will also have the opportunity to take part in a magical Fairy short programme where you can learn to connect with and do readings with the Fae yourself places will be limited so when details come out watch out for this


For now though please know that magic is your truest nature and we wish you to connect with this and your inner child (or fairy if you’re brave enough to do that ) and know that when you do connect with magic everything that you desire is on it’s way to you faster than before


With love magic and many miracles

Sheelagh and the Fae

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