Midweek Message & Gift From ‘The Collective’ For Your Spiritual Growth



Hello Gorgeous Soul – and I am changing things up a bit in line with the universal energies coming forward.  We are all going through so much change on the inner planes that when we feel the urge to expand we are already halfway there.


I was told very bluntly that it is time to go beyond the norm, be prepared to switch things on the spot, and try things that feel unusual and expansive in order to receive the benefits in so many areas.  In line with this, I am (for now) bringing you a simple ‘Midweek Message’ with a gift, an energetic gift that will be available to you if you say a heartfelt ‘yes’


If you choose to receive this gift you will


  • Find the movement from one cycle to another easier and clearer
  • See and be aware of what needs to change and why
  • Be ready to step into your new life purpose
  • Experience expansion on so many fronts, business, relationships, and of course spiritual ability


Even if ‘all you do’ is say yes, and relax – you really have done something great but if you really are ready to do more than just ‘wait’ then this is where the energy can help you the most ,….




The energies right now are urging as all to do what scares us, tickles us, delights us, excites us, what we want to avoid, what we want to embrace and what we want to get over and done with quickly’ – if you can do this whatever the ‘this’ is for you – you will soon be rejoicing in the rewards which are always present


I am personally very aware of how easy it is to ‘over extend yourself’ on behalf of others, it’s a message I have been getting for some time, but here’s the thing if you are doing that ‘for others, you are then Not doing it for yourself, we only have ‘so much’ energy and we cannot manifest for ourselves if we are over manifesting on a physical or emotional level for others.


In my new clearings we look at the amount of baggage you are carrying, we look at in great depth, exactly where you are blocked on several fronts, karmically, where programmes are concerned, cords and of course past life blocks, we look at your ability to receive, your ability to hear spirit and of course your ability to manifest


If you are wanting ‘change’ to happen then you have to ‘be the change’ and to this end I am inviting you to Do something about ‘where you are – and my clairvoyant healings are perfect for this.  In fact several of my clients have experienced resounding results as a direct response of my business and psychic healings – if this interests you then please book your ‘clairvoyant clearing’ here https://www.sheelaghmaria.com/work-with-me/#healing  they are fantastic for


  • Receiving more clients
  • Clearing your business from blockages
  • Clearing your physical body
  • Clearing your money area and ability to receive
  • Clearing relationships
  • Removing blocks to success

I pride myself on ‘practical results’ and am personally using these clearing methods for my own growth and expansion – i can honestly say since using them I’ve never looked back.


For now we hope you enjoy the video and the gift from ‘the collective’ and as always we believe in you.  We’l be back at the weekend with a special invite to join us for a life session on ‘Sheelagh Maria TV’ to talk with Gabriel but for now have a beautiful day, a peaceful week, and a nourishing now


With love

Sheelagh & your team

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