Mofo For Abundance – & Healing Abilities …….



2020 has been a baptism of fire for many – and the events of this year are set to change our lives for good – it’s human nature to avoid what we are scared to tackle, but in the end it must be tackeled for our path to expand


I’m no stranger to change – as we speak I’m moving through a powerful experience with a very sick child who may or may not make it out of the other side – but whilst my heart hurts for my darling girl – I am also aware these contracts and experiences were made prior to life and they are part and parcel of my time on earth – what I’ve also been shown is just how important it is we Do tackle what hurts because it is in this way our energy becomes wider more luminous and this is reflected back at us in our lives for me Mother Mary has been my rock & has helped me financially emotionally and practically in every way


Mother has told me we all decided our main life themes before we were born, we created contracts with our nearest and dearest even those that repell us now, many of these contracts are highly stressful to the human version of us who can’t keep up with the expansive ideas our Spirit Selves had


Mother has worked with me to devise a beautiful new way for you to help yourself – in my new ‘Energy Alignments’ you will receive


  • A healing of anything that you need including medicines for psychic blocks, financial aundance & boosts to healing ability
  • Clearing of any energies that are blocking you including soul contracts, money contracts, entities or karma
  • Light weaving into your aura with the energy your soul path needs for your energy to change
  • A meditation for you to use with Mother Mary to continue helping yourself after our session



there are 3 alignments Heavenly Abundance Spiritual Blocks & Healing Ability Boost & Clear you can buy one for £77 or treat yourself to all 3 for just £150 – and the great thing with this is the more you use the meditations we give you * that are bespoke – the more your energy will transform to therefore be reflected into your life – Mother Flowing Power Wherever you need it


The reason I’m So excited by this is that I have seen for myself what her energy does – she is also offering


  • Psychic ability readings, soulmate clearings, money mastery readings & clearings
  • Past life readings Life purpose readings
  • training to heal with the Unicorns, learn to trance channel, learn to heal peoples homes clear earthbound spirits and even talk to fairies
  • You get to choose your own subjects for development

I’ so excited by this life changing work that I am offering a FREE chat  with my guides if you are thinking about studying with us – with a massive £99 off the cost of a 5 session package if you book – we  will be quite honest with you about what topics will be a good fit for you


But that’s not all I am also offering 3 Money Mastery clearings for the price of one just £145

And I’m also offering 3 energy alignments for just £150


This is the time to change your energy – so your life changes too


I would LOVE you to benefit from Mothers Powerful Magic check out our offerings here http://http/www.sheelaghmaria.com/workwithme


For now though i am sending one great big MoFo hug to you from all of us and hoping this is the year you expeience ‘infinity and beyond’


Love Mother Sheelagh Rose Bon Peter and Spirit

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