Your Money Scope For 2018


Money is energy and most of us think by using the Law Of Attraction we can receive ‘unlimited flows’ yet the truth is most people feel Very limited in regards to money


Christmas is nearly here and the list of what you need is often way longer than what you (think) you have and can cause untold concern for many families and people – we want to help you to change this


Becoming aware of where you are scared (yes scared ) regarding money is one of the key reasons despite all the Law Of Attraction methods are not working for you – we are all ‘grown ups’ day to day and so ‘being scared’ is not something most of us admit too  – but when I work with gorgeous souls I often uncover a lot of fear as we understand why things aren’t moving as we wish




First off lets look at why money Is Limited for you right now


  • Your Soul Will actively reduce your resources if you are not learning what you agreed to learn and heal – because it’s the only way you will be pushed to expand if you’ve been unwilling
  • You can only receive the vibrational pace you are strutting – if you are not willingly moving out into new areas – your pace is slow and so your flow will echo this
  • You are affected by the energy of people around you and ‘their’ experience of money – if you have a partner or family with lack mentalities you can listen to Law Of Attraction material all day long but energy is energy and theirs will be affecting yours



But Don’t Worry You Don’t Have to Continue like this – you – and by that we mean The Real You (Will the real slim shady please stand up ) is the answer


When you become the Soul you really are your point of attraction rockets & The Universe feeds this back to you quickly this is about your energy not your thoughts 



‘Making Love To Money’ Is my only Pre Christmas Class and we want you to benefit from Money Now

We will be tackling the real reasons money doesn’t flow to you including


  • Why your scared deep down to pursue money – including relationship issues and change
  • Why you are unconsciously creating blocks because of this
  • How you can consciously create money today
  • Clear energy of partners/family/Community in relation to money for you
  • Allowing your true power to be felt as money on earth now
  • Receive Guidance on how to work with your High Guides on money


But not only this I will also be giving each participant on the call a live Moneyscope for 2018 You will also receive a  Clearing Chart to learn to clear the energy of money blocks forever


This is the only class like it I’ve offered – every participant will be treated the same whether you can make it live or not let me be clear this is not an abundance class it’s a Soul level healing class because when you feel empowered around money you become empowered in every other area as well


I have only 4 spaces left if you would like to join me on Tuesday 5th December 6pm uk time please click here – if you can’ t join live you will receive everything everyone else does and the replay will be sent to you the next day


Don’t let money be the reason you do not show up in the world – you are needed now more than ever let your flow be the reason you know you are guided and supported and allow your light to shine – it is time 





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