Money,Abundance And Your Fate In 2023


Hello beautiful soul – we’re in Aries mode now and it’s all about what we’re manifesting with our soul energy – did you know you have a money and abundance area in your aura that contains all the abundance that’s on it’s way to you ?  When this area is full of higher self energy money can come quickly, on the other hand when your carrying toxic beliefs or fears it causes your flow to slow down and eventually stop –


My guide Spirit works fast to apply his Fianncial and business healings to this area and also to remove energies that you may not even know are there some of these are quite interesting such as ;

‘My family has never been wealthy’ & ‘ Life on earth is hard’ we even have programmes such as ‘only receiving money through one source’


‘Spirit’ is a level of divinity who works directly in your aura to quickly and speedily improve your financial flow, & what he does for everyone is different :

For some he works with Archangel Michael Jesus and St Germain and gives financial treatments, for others he clears vows plugs them into the universal supply of abundance and also clears contracts preventing new careers & business success – he has helped me hundreds of times and i love to hear how people have sold houses got windfalls or promotions


As we come to the ‘most magica time of the year’ I decided to offer a Life changing ‘Money Abundance Your Fate & Fortune ‘ Psychic reading for 2023 – this is going to show you everything you really need and want to know including ;

What your biggest challenge and opportunities are for next year

What unexpected gifts and events will likely happen

What you need to be prepared for

Plus ill also be sending you a life changing Spirit Money clearing that Only works once it is NOT a meditation and on it’s own it is worth £15o – you get all of this for JUST £55!

One thing i know is that life can bring us unexpected UPS as well as downs, and what I want to help you with is to feel certain that those UPS are on their way!

To book your ‘Money Abudance Fate & Fortune’ psychic reading PLUS get your FREE Spirit Money clearing simply click this linkhttps://www.sheelaghmaria.com/elementor-6409/


For now we are wishing you a magical October a Loving week ahead and a cosy weekend

All our love

Sheelagh and the guides



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