More Miracles This Christmas !


This month can be difficult for many of us, even though I do believe in miracles & magic, I also believe in honouring what has gone, what has hurt us what scares us and what is leaving – to me ‘love and light’ is a little unrealistic & yet within the shadow there is always love and always light – if you allow the shadow to be what it needs to


For me, it was only a few months ago that my beautiful daughter was on the edge of life & death thankfully for now things are going well.  What is even sadder than that, was that my other daughter has since cut ties with me & has decided she no longer wants me in her life, I find that harder than anything as life is so very short but i have also learnt just how precious every day is & I find blessings amdist all of it would I turn the clock back even though it still hurts ? NO because that is how we can open to miracles when we are open to pain as well.


It is my wish this December to support as many of you that are having a hard time as i can, for that reason I am offering to pull a beautiful Oracle card for you personally * no computer programme if you reply to this blog ,I will be asking ‘What does this soul need to know most at this time ?” Get yours by emailing me here hello@sheelaghmaria.com.   



I am also working with the Archangels to deeply and personally change the flow of abundance for a handful of you this month, in my powerful short but deep ‘Archangels Of Abundance’ Masterclass – this is NOT a law of attraction training but a deep and thorough rewiring of your aura so that actual opportunities arise it will include


  • Personal Abundance Readings For Next Year
  • Strengthening & Expanding Of  your Money & Wealth Area
  • Calling in money and opportunities from the soul realm
  • Attunement to the Archangels for ‘an abundance aura’
  • The methods i myself use that bring me new business & blessings


This is work I have used privately that i have not shared until now, but I want to help you to help yourself – all of these ‘aura attunements’ and upgrades are done for you by the angels all you have to do is sit back and enjoy and best of all it is only £125 which you can pay in 2 installments to sign up simply book the ‘Power clearings ‘ on my site £125 for 3 weeks worth of thorough angelic help 


Whatever you are looking forward to or dealing with I want to remind you that you aren’t alone and there are lots of people you can reach out too should you need to for example

Your purpose is to do for yourseslf what you need to do so that you can help others further down the line it is my belief that if your reading this you need to know just how loved and valued you are by those BOTH sides of the veil


For now I am wishing you a warm winter hug with sparkles hot choclate and so much love

Sheelagh and your team

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