Mainly B’s - Babe You’re an Angel – or should I say a budding Angelic Medium

So often I see mediums trying to be evidential and it’s just not your main gig. It DOESN”T mean you can’t and won’t or shouldn’t be an evidential medium but ONLY when you feel comfortable and not like you HAVE to get it right – or else!

An Angelic medium regularly has loved ones of clients with them who want to help them with their life on earth because we ALL know how hard that can be, they will often supply ‘just enough’ evidence so that the client is open to what they need to hear but will fall short of making you look like Cystic Smeg …….an Angel Medium works best not only with angelic energy but with clients who want to grow and learn about themselves – if you like the idea of helping people help themselves why not check out my Higher Self Coaching Class ?

It’s bespoke to you and in the Angelic mediumship version you will not only hone and strengthen your gifts but ALSO get support dealing with any life issues that are lingering. You will do test readings but also receive readings helping you to have the confidence that you really are ‘An
Angel On Assignment On Earth’.

Why not check the course out here?