Mainly C’s Sweetheart You’re a Powerhouse healer! But I bet you doubt yourself ?

Perhaps you’d LOVE nothing more than to help people with their physical and emotional issues but also feel you may be a fluke or fake ? Perhaps you’ve tried Reiki or other healing modalities but don’t really know for sure your doing anything and you sure don’t want to waste peoples time ? I too trained in Reiki but I never ‘felt’ anything coming from my hands and so I wondered
‘Am I doing this wrong ?’

What I realised is there’s Many forms of healing and psychic healing doesn’t require you put your hands anywhere – have you considered learning how to heal without the worry’s of ‘if your doing it right or now ? I teach people to heal using their third eye and I actually create the activation that will allow you to heal with my guide Spirit, we will also give you a link to your own healing guide who may be a specialist at emotional medical or physical healing and they will take it from there.

We Also don’t want you to limit yourself to just being a healer, we want you to develop any other gifts that feel good to you such as being able to tune into past life wounds and knowing how to clear them, perhaps you’d Love to give money healings well we give you the charts the activations and the confidence to do everything you need – why not come have a cup of tea with me and we’ll figure this out

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