Mainly D’s Damn it Girl Your Magic!

Your OBVS an alchemist and I Bet you’ve been told how powerful you are or perhaps you’ve intended things and they happened and you didn’t quite know what to do with that! Alchemists are very often Seers, magicians or high priestess’s from other lives they’re the witch doctors the wise women * or men, the druids and the ones who ‘walked between worlds’ when someone asks me what an alchemist is keeping it simple I always say it’s about
transforming one thing into another, that can be helping someone change their perspective * like I’m now voluptuous NOT fat ….you see ?

Helping people raise their expectations, or maybe it’s more focused in your own life making your manifestations come to fruition sooner than ‘whenever never……’ One things for sure an Alchemist often doesn’t realise how powerful they are, your talking to
someone whose seen candles light in front of her and could as a child make a light bulb swing at will……not going to win any awards for that but even so.

Let me help you to understand what this means for you and your life and if you wish, what you could use this for to help others professionally because you are seriously ‘lit’ – want to find out what I mean? My Higher Self Coaching is perfect because it’s Bespoke to
you – we suggest understanding your current abilities and then getting really clear on what else is available to you and then with activations, focus and opportunities to actually transform energy whether it’s helping people you love with money or romance issues we provide the charts and the pdf’s and the tools that you’ll need
and it’s ALL written for you check out the Higher Self Coaching.