Mainly E’s - Babe You're Ready to Help Others

Soul sister it’s easy to look at a pack of cards and tell someone something they already know it’s exceptionally hard to tell
someone you cant give them the answer they desperately want – a life coach is many things that nobody else is, a best friend, an agony aunt, a conscience, a goal setter, a mentor teacher but in all of this Intuition plays a huge part.

You may also not have any interest in ‘saving the world’ but in learning about YOU who you’ve been in other time frames and most excitingly who your going to be – this doesn’t mean that you are any less gifted or psychic than anyone else and in fact I myself fit in this category I am most interested in how I can help you to grow. That feeling that you ARE growing is something nobody other than you *and perhaps me = will understand.

If your manifestations aren’t coming or bad luck is plaguing you it’s
often the case your carrying karmic energies that you didn’t plan too – what I can tell you now is that the more easy you find it to get your own higher guidance the easier it is to help others. If you coach with me you get full activations for your Gifts plus homework and clarity around who you came here to be and who your potential soul
client is we’ll EVEN help you create sessions with Spirit!

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