When Too Much Surrender Is Bad For You


Apparently all we have to do is trust – it sounds easy Surrender and it will all fall into place


Your bills will pay themselves

The Perfect mate will show up (wrapped in a red ribbon no doubt)

Your lumps and bumps will no longer lump and bump

Your children will miraculously pick up after themselves


Well – perhaps not.  But the ‘spiritual’ notion of surrender is giving up trying to control everything.


I’m all for that but what I tend to see is people trying to ‘think positively about what p***es them off’ and then – letting it slide and doing nothing about it – that to me isn’t going to change anything and for me surrender doesn’t mean ‘being walked all over by your life circumstances and playing dead’


Surrender is Only helpful when you’ve taken all the steps you were guided to do so – now this is my second ‘hint’ – we all have guidance coming to us but most of us 1. don’t listen and 2. don’t take it – so we surrender into a flow that hasn’t been nurtured and set up to BE worth surrendering for ……..



So how do you know what guidance is ?


We’re not all clairvoyant, some are intuitive, some of us are Very left brain and get our guidance through our thoughts, some of you gorgeous ones will have young children, elderly parents, care needs or life style needs that make sitting cross legged for any longer than a few moments and ‘omming’ an impossibility- phew that’s okay because I’m 45 and I don’t bed that easily nowdays anymore


Guidance is a flow of energy that comes ‘through your own receptors’ so it’s likely to be light, repetitive, non insistent, but comes back, suggested in different ways, and will occur at times when your not thinking about the subject it often looks like ‘in the real world’


  • Seeing an advert/course/session/professional that you warm too and could help you – but…..it will cost £$….!
  • Seeing a product/diet/example that you ‘could’ benefit from if you committed to it – but …..it will take 5 weeks for results to show!
  • Seeing someone who has managed to get that job/man/ring/baby/clients/weight off/hear their story – but ….they have a husband/mother/family/weekends off and it means they have the time to do it
  • Feeling that you could ring ‘so and so’ and find out ‘abc’ and give out flyers/readings/healing sessions/homemade cakes/counselling sessions/crystals whatever it is you ‘could’ do -but …..people know you as Joes mum/wife and they don’t go for that round here people will talk/not buy/believe you /laugh at you

So if you TOOK this ‘guidance’ it may well be that it doesn’t catapault you to a life of riches and fame straight away, but at the VERY LEAST you are showing the Universe you MEANT it when you said ‘ I want to help people’ or ‘I want to heal people’ or ‘I want to find my soul mate’ or ‘ I want to whatever it is ‘


But you see most of us don’t really mean it – we’d love a prediction that will never come true but that’s okay because it allows us to ‘surrender’ (be lazy) right now …….heck we don’t have TIME /Money/energy etc


It’s okay to be scared that you will fail, flop,waste money, bark up the wrong tree, be a failure – surrender to that fact – effort without the right vibrational foundation is a waste of time but never stepping forth is just such a shame- but it is okay to be scared but please Do it anyway



We would love you to know it takes very little to get the Universe on your side – naturally we evolve naturally life changes, what often causes the hiccups and the fears is we left it too long to change and we are in resistance, so we cling fearing that what we have will be prised from us


When you allow the Universal energy to flow through you – you can surrender from what you ‘should’ do and spend far more time enjoying where you are – and through doing this my darling the next opportunity will come in


Please do not worry if you think you can’t do it, have missed the boat, are too old/skint/tired etc – surrender to that too but ……..


Don’t Give Up!



I have reinvented myself so many times I’ve tried so many things that i thought honestly ‘were it’ and didn’t they flopped – but I learnt to surrender to that too for example


  • 2 marriages that I walked away from – and got judged
  • an adult child who abused me – that i let go
  • a book that flopped
  • a channelling academy with only 5 students (lols)
  • Courses where there was only half a person (the rest of me had gone home)
  • Charity days where my good deed for cancer was an empty tent

So i know the feeling of ‘oh my word nobody gives a damn’ I know that feeling in the pit of your stomach when all your hard work, effort and sheer courage results in a big wet mess……..(well I have had four kids 😉


Even so I surrendered but will never give up -I dug deep into my heart asked my soul ‘okay so why on earth ARE we here and what on earth IS IT you want me to do ?’ and what I heard honestly was


‘help people – you are so happy when you let us speak through you all of us – the fairies, the animals, the aliens (their words not mine) even those of us with no name, wear your wings, dye your hair crazy colours, talk to yourself in the garden and be happy really fricking happy! oh and BUY that nurse outfit ‘


So THIS looks like me – or how I dress privately you see I’m happy being bonkers and I love being in touch with the non physical family of mine but i have surrendered how it’s going to be marketed how it’s going to help people i plug in connect with the divine and may wave my wand *of course I have one and they take over, the fire of My soul is Soulfire – my passion for allowing the divine to heal you and support you and oh my god do they, most people get everything they can take for their life to change, and me – well I surrendered the need to ‘act and be a normal clairvoyant’ and do what it is ‘i do’


So let me ask you to ask yourself and if you like tell me what is is that you do ?

What do you do that makes you really happy when you do it ?

What is it that people know you and love you for being ?’

What is it that you find so easy and so uplifting just thinking about it makes you smile ?

Whats the one thing you are ‘done’ efforting at and are ready to surrender and see – just see if you are guided?

What’s the one thing you can’t not want even though it hasn’t happened yet ?


Now That’s what you need to get guided on, that’s what you need to take shifts and baby steps towards and that’s when surrendering without taking the guidance first is NOT good for you


We would love to help you plant the seeds that allow your harvest to be reaped – all you have to do is come talk to me via email or internet about what you can’t surrender to and why …….


We dare you to take This piece of guidance – and then totes surrender what comes next, it may be a chat with me or a pink elephant who cares really (as long as theyre pink)


Anyhoo off to fly with the pigs

Sheelagh and your team



So this is ‘me

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