The Myths Of Receiving (Abundance) & The Three Second Rule




Receiving – something that we all say we are good at but in truth how real is that ?


For me I was in a situation where I became aware my ability to receive is not as open as I thought it was – I could receive love from my kids and husband, I could receive affection and praise from my clients but what I struggled to receive is that I needed more time ‘for me alone’ and more freedom to create what I chose – even if that meant putting down boundaries with others that they didn’t appreciate and understand


I often hear people say they are open to receive abundance now – but when it comes to transcribing that to ‘real life action’ they have all sorts of worries and fears about ‘how that would look ‘ and how that would change their life – the very life they are wanting, yearning to change


For example the lady that wanted to stand on the stage and channel – found it difficult to conceive of receiving ‘constructive feedback’ when it came to deepening her connection for fear of ‘being taken over’ or receiving ridicule from friends 


The man who wanted to have his own business, but when it came to cutting back hours in his day job in order to set up the processes needed to take his service to the world, has still not made that ‘transition’ for fear of not getting enough clients, or not being able to receive enough money – a lot of this for him was about the perceived criticism he might get if he were fully ‘present’ for his clients and what they might then expect from him – he could not receive this !


aorangeYour ability to receive directly affects your ability to manifest – if you are putting up ‘proviso’s’ in one area then you are saying to the Universe in other ways you will only receive if certain conditions are guaranteed or at least very likely to be met – otherwise you cannot (and will not ) move from your ‘perceived safe spot right now ‘


What If I showed you a way to receive that you can replicate anytime, any space, anywhere ?  What if receiving became normal and natural for you ? What If I told you that on some topics you have always received and always will?




This video shows you how but first of all perhaps you would tick off some of these ?



  1. How easy do you find it to allow others to receive you and what you ‘stand for’ any way THEY choose ?
  2. How easy do you find it to receive people that are remarkably different to you  and what you feel to be ‘right’?
  3. How easy do you find it to challenge the concept that nothing NOTHING will or can change if you don’t ?
  4. How easy do you find it to receive the reality that what you avoid and try to get away from may actually happen?
  5. How easy do you find it to receive the notion that your partner, kids, loved ones may choose a different path than the one your security ‘needs them to choose ‘?
  6. How challenging is it for you to conceive that your reality MUST change completely and WILL change in ways you can’t control over time?


All of these proviso’s are the ‘mainstay’s of our false security – very often we tell ourselves that our husband/daughter/lover ‘will do so and so so it’s okay’ or we feel that it will be okay ‘if’ a certain outcome happens – what if we told you that if everyone you love and rely upon aren’t at all needed for you to be happy and okay?

What if we told you that it’s the notion that you NEED these people in your life to be happy that is blocking them from staying in your life (in the way that you wish)?

What if we told you that everything you feel you NEED is exactly what is blocking you from getting what you WANT…


The Three Second Rule Changes this – what if everything you ‘need’ becomes everything and everyone that you Want – in other words quit resisting and go into full time receiving mode ?



I learnt the essence of this from a wonderful friend and mentor – and she opened my eyes and helped me to understand how with our energy we say we want something – but with our energy we are pushing it away such as 


  • Wanting to serve clients in a wholehearted way – but being scared of being wrong or responsible for their ‘stuff’
  • Wanting abundance and money to come in – but being scared of paying taxes or being truly independent
  • Wanting the next level in a relationship, career or gifts but being resistant to changing your routine
  • Wanting someone to want you but being worried what ‘expectations’ you may have to put up with (elderly parents stepchildren etc) come with that



When you become aware on a day to day basis that you ‘are receiving the essence of who you are being’ as you use the ‘Three Second Rule’ your whole energy signature softens, becomes more comfortable and more in line with ‘the realest version of you’


When you become exactly who you are meant to be, exactly who you truly ARE your ‘I AM presence’ your abundance anatomy starts to open and all of the ‘things that you need’ you just Know are there permanently without you trying to make them any different to what they are, and all of the things you want you just know are working their way towards you because every moment that you become aware that you Are Receiving you are allowing what’s in your vortex (your spirit rings) to drop in down your time line – it looks like this

Allowing yourself to receive is being open to the fact it might fail – when you do this it almost never will


We hope if you’ve enjoyed this you might also enjoy finding out more about your abundance anatomy perhaps you would benefit from the I Love Abundance course which supports you in fully opening to your divine flow if this feels good to you book your spot here https://www.sheelaghmaria.com/i-love-abundance/


For now though remember that receiving is as easy as breathing and believing and on that note we send you love and big sparkles of pink bliss


Sheelagh and your team


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