You are naturally abundant – you are -this proves it ….

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Right now you are trying to ‘get ahead’ in your daily life, there isn’t enough hours in the day

the kids always need something, your mother in law has you on ‘speed dial’ and your energy levels are all gone by 10 am…..you love the idea of abundance but you sure don’t feel naturally abundant so – what gives?


We are all energy – agreed?  We come from a huge field of energy that is connected to everything and everyone else ‘out there somewhere’ so we are unlimited even if this particular moment feels very limited


That’s our ‘true nature’ – but how does this figure ‘now’ in real world terms?

You haven’t ‘lost’ any of your ability to manifest, you’re just being asked to evolve a new way of understanding it

You aren’t being asked here to get happy about what pi**es you right off – because you don’t frankly have the energy for that – no we are suggesting something ‘quite different’


We are suggesting that you Understand and at least comprehend the true energetic being that you are …..



Did you know that


  • You have natural money settings that may be turned ‘off’?
  • You have the ability to manifest ‘instantly’ in your energetic signature ?
  • You have the capability to hold more ‘abundance’ as an energy in your auric field ?


All of these things are basic and crucial to anything changing for you – if you add in


  • Karma from past lives and even ‘other people’ blocking your flow now (money wealth and business are the most likely suspects)
  • A wide open root chakra or wide open stomach chakra
  • Thought forms of lack from others
  • Fearful cords from others
  • Psychic ‘babble’ from others about how hard life is

It is any wonder that ‘flow’ feels like ‘no’ to you ?


It truly doesn’t have to be this way – and I am the living proof …..


Back in February business went ‘dead’ for me, it happened through April and I was told repeatedly ‘people aren’t aware anyone can help them’ – and yet now with the world being disruptive you might think there is less chance of abundance than ever before – wrong




Some people of course are having a hard time, and sure some ‘fates’ are not decided yet, and they dont feel easy or rosy, but that is the point – we are on the cusp of the unthinkable in more ways than one, and just because you haven’t visioned it or can’t feel it doesn’t mean it’s bad or unexpansive in any way – in fact for most folks their personal world is going to be a whole lot more empowered than it ever has been – amazing folks like you are refusing to sit back and let the rest of the world carry on the carnage, and these folks are stepping up and taking action this might look like


  • Getting new skills or updating old ones
  • Sharing your truth in writing speech or living it authentically
  • Getting some healing work done some body work or even some spiritual work
  • Sharing the burden for the first time and accepting help
  • Making plans that you Are going to have what you deserve and putting some money aside and some time marked ‘mine’ as well


For me – I listened to my guides who want me to share my extensive knowledge about energetic signatures and to help people understand they are energy before thought and matter – in other words your thoughts become matter but the Level of those thoughts can only be abundant if your Energy signature is abundant first, i have first hand seen people with entities with them, blocked abundance chakras, old belief systems and just plain tired stepping forward for assistance and I’ve seen real change in their lives – I have now launched my new service ‘Abundance & Prosperity which is a 50 min in depth clearing of your most basic and most important money centers


These include


  • Your Abundance Chakras
  • Your karmic blocks
  • Your manifesting speed
  • Your capability to hold abundance in your aura
  • Your speed of learning lessons
  • Your tendency to dwell in the past or frog hop to the future
  • Your tendency to be mental energied led
  • Your tendency to take non inspired action

All of these things are corrected and healed in the Abundance & Prosperity clearing – and because I’m so super passionate about this for the first 5 people who book I’ll be refunding you £10 off the price just go ahead and sign up here https://www.sheelaghmaria.com/abundance-prosperity-session/


We know it’s often easier to hope that things will change -but it’s much more powerful and faster to Be that change – I got up off my backside, launched my Midsummer service and then brought out my new magical services asap because I’m prepared to go that extra mile to support myself and then you


Remember abundance is naturally a part of who you are literally you have abundance settings which can be turned ‘on’ and ‘up’ if only you reach out and ask for support – we will also empower you with tools to carry forward to allow true change to occur


wishing you magic and miracles but most of all motivation

Sheelagh and your team

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