Archangel Michaels Message To You For 2016

blue flame

Hello beautiful and welcome to the New Year New you…..You will see the above picture of blue flames, this is how Michael manifests himself to me the most.  He also clearly manifests in my recent video on minute 26 if you look closely you can see his whole face  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUpuCDnOiL8


Now as amazing as you may (or may not) think that is it happened for a very clear reason.  Michael has asked me to channel him exclusively over the next six months to help people in very real, down to earth, and powerful ways.

We are now in ‘the new energy’ and it will respond to us differently and it is important you understand how and what is required of and for you.



Michael has told me that many healers, no longer feel heat coming from their hands when they heal.  He has brought me many students who no longer seem to be able to ‘prove’ the existence of spirit to themselves in the ‘old’ ways – the energy has changed, and the way spirit talks and guides you has changed and the way spirit co creates with you is also now changed which is why for many the Law Of Attraction does not seem to work ‘any longer’.


Take heart because you are far more powerful than you previously thought this change was needed for you to finally step into your power and recognize yourself for the powerful creator and light warrior that you are.

Michael has shared with me this is all part of the plan

You are not meant at any level to continue as before.  Those areas where you are feeling overwhelmed by, convincing yourself that it will ‘all stay the same’ whilst urgently hoping some areas Will change, those areas that feel as though they have gotten worse quickly are ALL part of your purpose right now.

Michael has also shared with me and I’m now honored to share with you that :


  • Old fears Must come up now and be ‘walked through’ in order for Any of those ‘other outcomes’ to manifest
  • Spirit is co creating With you but not for you and they will no longer Tell you what to do or when to do it
  • Spirit is no longer communicating with you in the same old ways – you will only hear them if you attune to your own intuition
  • Spirit will no longer Promise you outcomes that are not in your highest good – your soul is insisting that you DO expand and your soul wants you to make that choice by Changing what you are doing





You are likely right now making all kinds of reasons in your head as to why you cannot do certain things those conversations might scare you, you may fear losing someone or something or tell yourself you ‘do not have the money’ to invest in yourself in the way spirit is urging you too.  The thing is if you won’t jump, you will be pushed, and we want you to jump and fly even though you may right now be scared you will fall – you won’t if only you will expand


The New Year  Can Be So Promising for you – you can truly be all you came here to be even with the circumstances that you have around you right now 

A taste of things to come ……

January is set to allow us to ponder and consider whether we want a lot more of ‘this’ Mirrors will be all around you

February is set to challenge you to the boundary of what you will settle for

March is where you will face any ultimatums by the Universe if you simply will not expand

April is where your Purpose can come in beautifully fresh exciting and full of unspoken promise

‘Fall Flounder or Fly’ is what Michael tells me as i write this – I wonder what will it be for you?


The Really Good News Is This – If you take the bait and go into your new cycle with faith even if it is shaky you will 

  • Receive outcomes above and beyond what you can logically comprehend right now
  • Release a lifetimes worth of lessons, karma and troubles and step into your Life Purpose on all levels
  • Be Able to manifest more loving relationships with people, money and success in new and unlimited ways
  • Help others with their healing and growing and become the light worker you agreed to be 


Embracing Your Magic is absolutely Imperative at this time.  Even though you may be feeling concerned or out of sorts it is important that you keep going and moving into the Life Purpose that you agreed, prior to birth, with your team.

To This end to support you most fully my practical and yet magical Embrace Your Magic sessions are going to help you in key down to earth ways.  You will

  • be given clear answers to your most pressing questions
  • receive clear guidance on what you are being guided to heal in any 2 areas
  • receive an attunement to heal yourself with the Blue Flame
  • Understand what the bigger picture for you is
  • Gain guidance around key life issues
  • Receive information as to your next steps


Embrace your magic sessions are Not predictive ‘will he won’t he’ sessions they are purely channelled and Michael will often take over and speak through me direct to you.  These sessions are for people truly called to serve the light, ready to take responsibility to understand their purpose, and willing to listen to their own intuitive guidance after the session, we are not here to do it for you or to tell you what to do, we are here to teach you how to do this for yourself and others




If you are truly ready to be all that you came here to be then my New Year gift may be just what you need.  Remember, you have to invest in yourself if you want the Universe to see that you mean what you wish for and it will be replicated in so many ways.

Michael has asked me to offer 10 amazing lightworkers the opportunity to receive a live Embrace Your Magic session with me during January at the discounted price of £59 – this is being offered to souls that are truly and 100% ready to step into their purpose big time, you will know if you are being guided by your guides and archangel Michael to take this please note

  • You must be able to corrolate the time zone at your end
  • You must be ready to accept joyful responsibility to step into your purpose
  • You must agree that there are no refunds given if you have misunderstood these terms
  • These readings are LIVE not email but can be accessed as a remote mp3 if we suitable time is given
  • By booking you agree to all these terms

I am being guided to say if this feels like a lot of money to you, but you know in your heart that you need some direct yet loving assistance to change where you are then this IS a message to you from Michael that now is the time to change what has been into what Will be.



If you would Love the opportunity to have a reading with Michael and are ready to Embrace Your magic message me now.

Otherwise, the new year no matter what’s going on with you should feel like a challenge, but one you can solve one that you are equipped to deal with, one where if you be who you came here to be in the way you agreed to will show you more love, abundance and satisfaction than any other time in your life.


For our part for now we wish you to be motivated, receptive to change and ready to move into your light, knowing that you are supported and better outcomes than ever before are just waiting for you to claim them


With a full heart we wish you so much love

Sheelagh and Michael




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