Next Steps Psyhic Reading

Right now so many changes are occurring around us it’s hard to keep up – if
your finding that either your not sure what your true path is, or if you should
“keep trying” to make something work then this is for you
In this reading I will explore with you what Spirit shows me is going on
energetically this will include
• What you need to prioritise right now
• What the likely outcome of that will be
• How others are likely to react
• What you can expect to achieve
• The long term outcome of this decision
We will do this live with you in a 45 min session where you will get to ask
any questions related to this life area – please note I am a psychic medium so
even though I am using tarot, I will have Archangel Michael right next to me &
he will interject with his points and messages for you so that you are super
clear of what to do next
This session does not include clearings


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