Why Nothing New Manifests For You…..And How To Change That




So I got off the client call with someone who was feeling highly frustrated that what he wanted had not manifested, he wasn’t the first that had felt it this week, in fact over 4 of my gorgeous clients weren’t experiencing what they thought they should be by now, despite doing everything their guides had suggested, and quite rightly they wanted to know ‘why’


The guides explained that it’s never just about the physical action that you take, that only takes us so far, it’s about the energetic action that we take or how much movement we have made between point a’ and point c – that amount of movement is an expansion that often means we have to go beyond our comfort zones change our perspectives and do things we would rather not do, accept things we would rather not accept – this expands us as well as challenges us and allows us to move to the next level


I remember 2 years ago feeling as though I had tried ‘every trick in the book’ to be seen by my tribe, I had done facebook challenges, webinars, sales and offers, workshops and radio shows and really nothing much had changed for me, I felt grumpy about the amount of money I had spent and had trawled the internet looking for someone to tell me ‘how’ and ‘when’ I would make it – the guides told me by doing this I wasn’t bringing my path closer i was creating diversions at every turn


The breakthrough came for me when I gave up, I decided that if I wasn’t meant to be particularly well known, if I wasn’t meant to help the people that my mind told me I was here to help, then what was the point of pushing so damn hard ?


My guides told me this was the changing point, they said it’s a balance of doing new things at the right time in the right way, and expanding as a spiritual being on earth this looked like


  • Working with ‘another’ mentor on ‘me’ not on business, not on my spiritual ability but on my confidence ‘away’ from spirit, and on my ability to appreciate my unique gifts as a person
  • Getting myself out there in ways that scared me – I did regular you tube videos that were pretty awful in the beginning and also posted articles which allowed people to get to know the real me that wasn’t perfect and happy all the time
  • I went out into my community and held workshops not for the money but for the experience of doing it and I gave everything my heart had to give – honestly in the beginning I earnt no money and everyone felt very entitled to ask for way more than they had paid for they weren’t that grateful and certainly were not my soul clients but I did it anyway
  • I worked on a phone line in the beginning and had to endure hundreds of people insisting I tell them exactly what they wanted (and had paid) to hear – I stuck to my guns but it was a way of showing the Universe I really meant what I said – I was out there doing this for a living and nobody was going to stop me
  • I hired ANOTHER mentor to go over my website AGAIN she became my best friend and to this day tells me honestly when I am off track, even though I thought I had nailed it and didn’t want at any level to change what i had done – it wasn’t working and It needed to work – yes more money but without it nothing would come in
  • I changed the way I learnt to manifest I realised that as an empath thinking my way to happy just didn’t do anything for me i had to learn about my abundance anatomy and how to clear my out of body chakras and remove entities (oh and another mentor mentor number 5 showed me how to do this )



So did I find my pot of gold – YES I did but I will tell you this it didn’t come easily, it didn’t come without investing in myself, not everyone does this, some people do get lucky and don’t have to usitlise their resources in this way, I saw people seem to make it quickly and be succesful without seeming to try but that didn’t matter to me this was my path and that was all that counted


The other thing we want you to know is that the way you manifest changes – did you know that you can manifest in at least 7 different ways ?


  • If you manifest from the root chakra you will be all about taking action within the routine you have now
  • If you manifest from the heart chakra you won’t produce anything without you are full of love
  • If you manifest from or through the 3rd eye you will need to work with your perceptions




When I work with someone they are ususally trying to manifest from effort and forcing their thoughts and convincing themselves they feel a way they just don’t – this doesn’t work if you have entities undermining your efforts to expand and you are corded by people and receiving infusions of doubt and fear energy


Understanding the way that it’s right for you to manifest is vital, having a tool that you can then use moving forward is also vital as well as truly understanding what receiving means


Receiving everything around you even if you don’t like it or what it may mean for you is vital if you want to receive the outcomes that you do like, normally people are only receiving around 20% of what’s possible for them this too is part of my intital work when I help people to open their abundance anatomy


Receiving is EASY, it isn’t forced, it isn’t summoned, it isn’t made to happen it isn’t directed it isn’t efforted or pushed it just IS – when a wonderful mentor of mine taught me how to receive effortlessly wow the flood gates opened – we want this for you too


For now though we hope you receive what you need from this post and understand that the very glass ceiling you are ‘up against’ IS the new beginning you’ve asked for, stop resisting step back and allow yourself to integrate and receive all the changes that are just waiting to come in


You can do it


With 100% belief in you

Sheelagh and your team

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