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When author Sheelagh Maria Wright began her journey with the angels, she wasn’t looking for them and truly had no idea they existed in the real world. It was the birth and near death of her youngest son that changed her views and her life.

In Living Your Life Purpose, she shares her story of near tragedy, heartbreak, and then a slow, but magical climb upward. She offers practical, real-life methods to help guide you on your path to your life’s work, to help yourself and others in a much broader way. Sheelagh Maria teaches how angels can help, but she also discusses how you can help yourself. She addresses such topics as how to connect with the angels, how to raise your vibration, and how to work with angels to heal issues with money, relationships, and more.

Written with the help of Archangel Michael, Living Your Purpose presents practical information to help you understand why situations are the way they are and what you can do to make them better. It communicates the message that each person has the ability to work with their gifts to make their world a better place.

Have you felt frustrated that you Still don’t understand what your soul purpose is ? Archangel Raphael takes a fresh look at the question that has bugged many lightworkers, and in his down to earth style his desire it to help you to help yourself no matter what is or what isn’t happening right now.

He Will speak to you about manifesting and about soul mates and also Twinflames.
He will speak to you directly on the topic of the higher self and on what’s coming up in your life and what your pre-life plan was.

Ultimately he understands your questions perfectly and wants to assist you in realising that you are fuliflling why you came and helping you to be aware of what’s next on your path.

I have heard angels for over 17 years since they saved my son, and it is my honour to allow them to speak through me to help you, so that you can help others awaken as well. 

Have you ever wondered what the point of it all really was ? Do you often feel as though there is some important information that your missing that you sense you know you really know but just can’t recall? Then understanding what your Higher Self Really thinks could be that missing puzzle piece

Along with the help of archangel Gabriel, topics such as ‘Why can’t I get help with financial issues?’ and “Why have i been treated so badly?’ are all answered lovingly – we also help to guide you as to how your higher self wants you to progress from where you are right now

We await you inside!

Do you want to find out more about what kind of Lightworker You really are ? Perhaps you’ve tried learning different modalities but none really ‘felt completely right’ and it’s left you wondering who are you here to help?


In this book Archangel Ariel outlines the types of Lightworker but then goes on to tell you that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to understanding who you REALLY are and what you came here to share and teach. Ariel highlights some of the myths around certain types of Lightworker and what I love is she highlights that there is No end to how far you can go if you want to keep growing in fact it’s positively encouraged.

For all of you would be lightworkers, Psychics, Soulworkers and Mediums do not believe that one size fits all, you are unique and have the capacity to do anything you really want to do! 

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