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Good morning beautiful soul, are you finding this new energy exciting or depleting ?


I remember the energy being very ‘like this’ over 8 years ago, when my own life expanded dramatically.  I can share with you honestly I never expected things to happen the way they did, and i certainly never expected to be where I am today, I credit one thing happening as being the turning point, beginning to hear Archangel Michael and then later on, learning to channel him.


I realized that when I channeled Michael either in readings for clients, or through speech for myself I felt clearer, calmer and knew what I needed to be or do.  It also seemed to speed things up, and I found the situations that had seemed ‘stuck’ seemed to evolve at a lightening speed, I later found out from Michael that he is the angel of transformation, and when you work with him you are giving the Universe a ‘green light’ to get you on the path you agreed to be on.


For me, I enjoy channeling a wide variety of beings, from ascended masters, goddess’s and even peoples spirit guides, but by far the most enjoyable aspect is helping people unlock their potential as channels themselves.  I am often amazed how within a few days they are seeing what has blocked then and confused them ‘with new eyes’ and how quickly they realise they were born to do this too.


I personally am beginning to hold live channelling workshops, but the transformation does not stop there, even for me Michael has shared there are many people out there with ‘his name on them’ ready to bring through messages of light and truth.


To this end I am hosting a 4 week class Starting March to allow 5 individuals a very special opportunity to learn to channel for themselves, for each other and with and being taught by me.


The basis of this class will be about sharing and growing, it will be supportive and loving and so for this reason I will be cherry picking the right candidates, if the right candidates don’t come forward I will not be hosting the class as the mix is vital


If you would love to learn to channel and would like to learn more then watch this short video about how channelling changes your life




The group ‘Opening To Channel With Michael’ will work on the following premise


  • That you are open and willing to share
  • That you are ready to go beyond your comfort zones in a loving way
  • That you are happy to try new techniques
  • That you are not expecting to be a professional clairvoyant

The truth is everyone Can channel, but not everyone is ‘destined too’ and for this reason i will be asking the people that are interested in this to have a short 20 min call with me to find out if you are one of the ones Michael has mentioned


If this calls to you the commitment will be for 4 weeks, a mutual time will be found for all participants and the cost will be £270 – this will only be invoiced when i have been told by the big fella himself yes that this is meant for you this can be paid in two installments if you are chosen


Due to the fact this is likely to be in high demand i would ask that if you are wanting to find out more you are first

  • able to commit to four weeks once a week in march and are flexible with your times
  • have access and permission to use skype
  • are genuinely interested in opening your gifts
  • are happy to work alongside others for their benefit and your own
  • are okay with the price as an investment in yourself

I’m genuinely amazed at the latent gifts a lot of my students have, many of them are now working professionally in their own fields but let me be clear it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner and have never had many experiences of a mystical nature it is your natural vibration that will let me know within about 2 minutes if you can work at this level – don’t be scared we don’t bite if this calls to you it’s because you are meant to do it

With great love and encouragement – yes you go for it


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Sheelagh and Michael

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