Opening To Abundance – It’s As Easy As 1 2 3



The world right now feels and looks crazy, the unexpected is happening on a daily basis for many people and technology arrangements and misunderstandings are rife – to most of the population they may feel that life is becoming more chaotic and random – and they would be right and yet nothing is farther from the truth


Let us take ‘the big bang’ theory, just how likely was it that the gasses and asteroids came together at precisely the right time in order for planet earth to be formed ?  Wasn’t it ‘more likely’ that it would be host to gas and ether rather than the array of life forms that we began with ?


Let us take advances in medical science, the discovery of new species, new realizations about the nature of life itself, it all happens at ‘just the right time’ and there is nothing random about it – evolution IS Universal as is expansion and regeneration – as one understanding is proved ‘flawed’ another is uncovered.


More people than ever are awakening to the understanding that they are far more than their physical body, and their thoughts are powerful in creating and reshaping their reality, this is the ‘current’ understanding – whose to say that this too couldn’t be further unraveled and understood ?


All Things Happen At The Right Time –  and yet most people trying to change their life find that nothing seems to change for long and nothing seems to change for good, and so the Law Of Attraction whilst sounding a wonderfully creative process doesn’t seem to have the effect for people that they wish for and yet secretly feel it doesn’t….





Working on the premise that you Are energy, and you Are a creator, and that you receive what you send out – is it so hard to believe that you come into contact with different grades of energy all day every day, in fact it would be impossible not too.


Would it not then be the next ‘logical’ step to understand that other peoples energy can affect your thoughts and therefore dictate and even dominate the quality of them and the feelings that arrive soon after?


Taking this ‘theory’ even further would you be able to conceive that it’s not just the ‘thoughts’ of other people that can enter into your ‘energetic space’ but also the energy of places such as towns, work places even homes – and taking this even further is it too difficult to conceive that if you spend time engaging with someone even not phsycially in their presence their beliefs of lack, frustration or stress can transfer ‘across the ether’ into Your energy sphere?


If after all our thoughts – formless, invisible signals to the universe can return ‘as matter’ further down the line, why can another persons thoughts, beliefs and perspectives not transfer into our energy spheres and return as matter for us ?



You May Like To Believe That You Are Immune to Anothers Energy – yet that too is impossible……


For you see – if you are truly a creator, then everything around you and surrounding you no matter it’s appearance has ‘something’ resonating with you because you attracted it


Therefore if you have a spouse with a lack mentality or a friend who is moaning about money shortage or even a boss who is struggling to make their business successful – there is something within your aura which has placed them within your ‘reach’ energetically or physically – this means that there is a resonance between their energy and yours – which forms an instant connection –  and THIS is what causes you to continue manifesting more of the same because of the constant energy infusions you are receiving from those around you even if you only speak to them on social media……




How would it feel to you knowing this, or at the very least considering this to negate it and be the positive powerhouse in terms of manifesting that you yearn and deserve to be ?


When you work with vibration you are literally changing your ‘source energy’ you are putting it simply programming your energy field with the vibrations and energies which will allow your thoughts and feelings to be as positive and as joyful as you wish they were


This works in very simple ways


  • Firstly ensuring that your energy field is free from toxic infusions you make sure that you are clear and ready to receive
  • You then create a clear and open channel from ‘your source’ into your life 
  • The next part of the equation is to choose exactly what freqencies serve you best at this time – bearing in mind you don’t want to go too far from where you are now so that you undo the work you’ve done
  • Finally you begin to work with your ‘settings’ which is what cancels out low levels of earning capacity ; this includes your manifestation speed, your money settings, your ability to trust and allow and your ability to hold fast to this before your reality changes



Does this sound too good to be true ?  Well the idea of creating your reality in the first place was unbelievable for most back when ‘The Secret ‘ came out – and they used to think the world was flat ….so we leave you with this




What do you have to lose ?  Wouldn’t it feel amazing to have this knowledge so that you can help yourself – and model the solution to others ?


Shall I tell you honestly how it feels – I can because I know …..


I’m no stranger to hard times exactly ten years ago I was in a homeless refuge with one set of clothes that a transgender man gave me for court – yes that’s true, my baby son was terminally ill and I had nobody to support me …..

Over the next ten years I systematically


  • Got myself off benefits and started working on a psychic line – it was the only thing I could do and I had nothing to lose
  • Attracted my soul mate called Mr Wright to whom I am happily married
  • Taught my son post heart surgery to heal himself in 24 hours with no antibitoics – he wanted to go to a Tae kwondo tournament but was coughing and burning up I was tired and said ‘heal yourself Michael’ – next day he went to the tournament didn’t cough once, and won
  • Taught my son to gain an apprenticeship out of 15o people
  • Taught my daughter to manifest her own horse even though she had no money
  • My daughter is now a news journalist even though she hasn’t even graduated
  • Wrote a book in six weeks and published it
  • Attracted my first teleseminar and speaking opportunity from my living room
  • Attracted my very best friend who happens to help me with all my marketing needs
  • Attracted my very best friend who happens to help me with all knowledge I don’t currently possess
  • Attracted the money to buy 3 of my own motorbikes
  • Attracted the knowledge of money settings, abundance settings and earning settings that are not published in any book anywhere and the amazing mentor who supported me ( I love you Jen)
  • Apparently I get younger – I’m 44 and have been mistaken for 30(ish)

So you see it’s not pie in the sky – I had my down times, I had health scares, I had huge bills to pay, huge tax bills that scared me, I had clients that drained me, I know not much about sales funnels and yet I’m where I am – I still do the school run, scoop cat poo out of my bath, talk to my white rabbit daily, and make an absoloute cock up trying to cook – but you know what I’m a real person and I help real people




I won’t lie I don’t have a magic wand – and I can’t do it for you – I can clear you so you have a window of opportunity – I always say if it’s too good to be true it ususally is – I’m not flogging you a get rich quick programme or some woo woo nonsense that doesn’t actually work – this is my real life and I’m sharing how much it changed for me – I’m walking talking living proof that manifestation and creation Does exist and it CAN get even better


My own personal resources are


  • Walking my dog in beautiful surroundings and breathing in the sky
  • Working with certain crystals and downloading abundance freqencies
  • Remaining connected to the earth plane by grounding
  • Removing cords and energies regularly from my energy field
  • Recognising when I’m not a match to or for someone and gently moving on
  • Flowers – always breathe in the colour when you feel tired stressed or low pink and yellow are the best colours
  • Inspiration you MUST be inspired
  • Physical energy if you don’t do enough you won’t have enough you can’t manifest on the physical plane if you don’t have energy
  • Emotional energy – don’t take me wrong we are all here to grow but don’t supress your feelings this clogs up your energy field, feel them fully then let them go
  • Mental energy – quit turning something over in your head
  • A go to person – someone anyone that inspires you that you trust, what you invest is what you get back
  • Sensuality making love with life
  • Go slowly and enjoy everything even the hard bits don’t rush don’t push
  • Smile and the world and the Universe really DOES smile with you

So for now that’s it I offer lots of ways for you to be open to receive abundance in fact I offer a 4 week support course ‘ I love abundance’ )because I do = to get you open and in the flow


For now though stay magical, love the woo and be the real you


Sheelagh = and your team


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  1. Love your approach, Sheelagh.

    In my experience it’s definitely the inner work that’s most powerful and allows things to flow more easily towards us, rather than struggling to change ‘out there’ and thinking when this situation/this other person changes, THEN I’ll be happy/successful/fulfilled etc.

    Just a small shift inside can produce startling (and seemingly effortless) changes on the outside.

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