Opening Into Abundance – by The Three




A channeled message from The Three on how we Are abundance – we do not have to continue to manifest from a place of struggle, effort, or constant monitoring of our thoughts – enjoy


‘Dear ones we are truly pleased to be with you this fine morning, and today we share with you a message about multi dimensional reality and how this is able to be used to assist you in opening to your true abundant nature.


First of all we would like to share a little message on where you ‘end’ and where you begin

Have you heard of the auric field ? ┬ácan you please for a moment send your awareness ‘outside’ of yourself, and send your sense of feeling out to the edges of your energy? ┬áDo you feel this ? ┬áDo you now going beyond this place which is perhaps 3 or 5 feet from your physical self, sense a thinner sense of space ? ┬áDo you now see where your 3rd dimensional self occupies the space you are in, and when it is occupied by other atoms of consciousness?


Now please send your awareness up, above your head, and sense a channel, a tunnel, a slim vortex, do you sense the wisdom as you go up, that is a part of who you truly are ?  Do you sense the loving compassionate part of self as you go higher?  Experiment with this please, do you not sense the power that you are the perspectives that your higher self has of all life, and even the vastness of knowing from throughout the ages that is hinted at as you send your awareness up ?


Now dear one, go to the side, sense either side of this ‘vortex’ do you sense the place where your higher senses stop, and the place where other atoms flow? ┬áDo you now see you are focused in other spaces than your physical body ?


We share with you that there are ‘offshoots’ to these other parts of selves, other corridors into other physical parts of you, places where the higher selves of you ‘there’ in that reality merge with the higher selves of you in this reality, and so you see dear one, you are focused in many spaces at once, both to the side and lower down as well as back through ‘time’ and forward into eternity.


When one tries to control ones thoughts, you are fighting a losing battle, because the very patterns that you seek to eliminate are being sent to help you grow, they are being sent not just by This higher self but through other higher selves that operate under the guidance of your over soul, and that all of these experiences the negative and the troubling are needed so that you as a beingness can grow.


Controlling ones thoughts is a little like controlling a tank, and yet not paying attention to the war.  it would be quite useless to defend oneself safely against an enemy which is too vast, and we say to you your thoughts are not the enemy we say to you that your thoughts are simply the product of the growth your higher selves are asking you to have.


So now, we come to the nature of those higher selves. ┬áThey are ultimately loving, ultimately benign┬áeven if they send you chances and opportunities to grow that at first glance seem unfair or tragic, ultimately all of those illusions are in place so that more of the loving whole and light filled you can enter in – put simply they are mechanisms set in place to create more space for your soul, your highest self, to anchor in and assist you further


When your soul anchors in, the space you have created, you are automatically more abundant more loving more light filled, you are automatically able to express and therefore see it mirrored in your outer reality as a result of that which You Are – it is not needed nor necessary to control anything in fact energy is impossible to control it is wild, always evolving always merging always changing, so it is impossible in these new ascended times to control your thoughts, your reaction to them energetically (your emotions) or even your circumstances


It is true sometimes the ‘dance’ will take you to a space where you are in turmoil due to the ‘essence’ at that time of others, and what is being mirrored in their world, and it is true that there are particles within their sphere which are in turn present in yours, however all of these atoms, these particles are the way that more space is created within the physically present focused self which allows more of the higher self to flow in anchor and be in turn more abundantly present than priorly possible.


Seek not to control nor mind your matter, seek instead to fulfill the space that you occupy in a wiser and higher way.  Seem to interact with all the circumstances around you in a full bodied manner knowing that whether your responses are playing the high notes or the low, as they are played, space is created between the atoms.  In other words the way to experience more lightness and love is to EXPERIENCE yourself at all levels fully.


Once you have read a book – do you not place it back on the shelf and reach for another ? Usually on another subject ? And so in this way when an experience has been fully interacted with, absorbed and learnt there is no need for it to be repeated, it is only the experience still resonating with you that fosters the reintroduction of said lesson. ┬áSo in order dearest for you to be fully abundant and for your challenges to pass is to be fully present in all your emotions, instead of suppressing them or sliding them away.


Creation starts with the heart – and so we say to you whilst you are immersed in joy anger or sadness your heart is playing these notes. ┬áIt is important therefore to ensure other notes are struck so that you are creating all manner of energies, when you experience the highs as well as the lows in your life, again the lesson can move, and then space is created through which your true abundant self recognizes and then utilizes by flowing into you more of the wisdom, safety, strength and love light and joy that you truly are.


Allowing abundance is the allowing of life, or should we say allowing the passing of moments of all grades, it is the graceful walk which admires and accepts all lessons, all experiences as being needed to expand the experience of self, which expands the space which the joyous self can occupy.


It is then truly worthwhile recognizing the abundance that you Are as both the higher self anchored in the physical and also the physical self which is merged with the higher, so that you can be fully referred to as abundant even in the midst of other challenges other grades of energy


You are abundance, you are light and you are love, and even when you feel other things, even when you have other reactions when you Feel with your senses in the space around your body the ‘abundant self’ which is present, this is when your outer circumstances mirror what you recognize, abundance all owed or all owned on all levels. ┬áThere is nothing to change, nothing to control there is only the experience, the recognition and then the evolution of space, and then more allowing or what is ‘all owing’ ┬á…..love light and abundance


We leave you with this simple lesson in love

‘The Three’ channelled through Sheelagh

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