Ostara’s Gift – How Abundance Will Find You When You Give Yourself This Gift


Once upon a time there was a beautiful Goddess called Ostara – she was adored by all the people  and animals – and one special day – a Very special summers day they excitedly awaited her visit – this Goddess saw the true spirit of each animal or being she met, and she would connect them to ‘the divine’ – and each animal and Faery person was so honoured to be in her loving nurturing presence they would find her the very best gift they could


Many of the animals had access to lavish and beautiful gifts, now the Hare – he adored the Goddess but his abode was humble, his needs simple and yet he wanted to give his very special gift to show the Goddess how much he adored her, he thought long and hard and he gave her his most cherished gift – a simple but beautiful egg – it was everything he had, it was his food, his survival and he had cherished it’s presence on his shelf.  He had such a pure heart that although his gift in comparison to the lavish jewels feathers trinkets was simple, Ostara knew when he looked into his eyes just how loving, nurturing and divine he was, his heart was wide open giving the best of himself knowing that the Goddess would love him and bless him for this – she cherished his gift


The Hare symbolises the very best of the male energy, protective, nurturing and wildly loving, Ostara symbolises the true energy of the divine, loving, passionate, kind and true, and the egg it symbolises a new beginning, a precious gift ,rebirth and an awakening of what is sacred and special about this moment


Ostara is with you now, she is asking you to release all judgement about who you are, what labels you attempt to define yourself through and where you are in comparison to all your ‘wants’ she asks you to deeply and wholeheartedly connect to the very divine presence of abundance right now in your life


Self love is the path to abundance finding you, when you generously and lovingly commit to the light that you are, the difference you have made ‘so far’ and all the limitless possibility that you hold and ‘hint at’ and really radiate this no matter your circumstances, the energy of the Goddess – all of them will flow through from your higher self, into your physical body and into your time line, bringing with it all of the gifts all of the actions opportunities of the male, and all of the nurturing relationships, all of the loving opportunities that you SO deserve



If you have nothing – you still have one precious thing and this one thing when ‘given’ to yourself IS the path that will unlock your channels of receiving, and This is when your life will deliver the abundance and the love you have been ‘efforting at’


Self love & abundance season 2 is open ……and awaits you to step into your divine flow


You will be fully supported to receive the gift of your beautiful self, and so much more besides


We all know how hard it is to feel abundant when you are surrounded by negative people or circumstances, but that needn’t stop you even if it has up until now ……


You will receive


  • 3 action and information packed calls to download and keep where you will be taught clearing routines & abundance routines for your soul type
  • Information about Your Soul type (there are 5) and how your higher self is designed to manifest (they are all very different)
  • Clearings to use daily in pdf form to rid yourself of attachments & fully connect with the fields of abundance & love
  • The Empaths Toolkit – a pdf designed to teach you how to use your feelings to increase your flow




But we know right now you have real physical problems so we will support you with all those too 


It’s all very well this pdf and that pdf but what if your having arguments with your partner or you are lonely and have nobody to love ….we will help you with this too – I manifested my own husband in just 4 weeks and we were married within 6 months oh and he’s called Mr Wright too 😉


You will also receive


  • Access to the private Self Love & Abundance group where I will host Q & A’s for all those signed up – we will guide you through your day to day issues we are SO here for you!
  • You will receive card pulls at least once a week & healing videos
  • You will receive exclusive clearings for abundance & relationships not available anywhere else
  • You will get access to all my knowledge and all my magic which is considerable I AM a medicine woman



You see we understand money can be tight and believing your life can change ‘with all this’ is sometimes just hard to believe so we will EVEN support you from the moment you sign up



You are such a gift, but unless you really know that what’s the point – we will give you a FREE ABUNDANCE MAGNET which helps you today right now from the moment you click ‘paypal’ you will be supported 


Gosh my fingers are tired but we aint finished yet – I know myself just how tiring ‘real life ‘ can be you  SO are here to have more but knowing that is hard – so we will share with you my biggest gift a Self Love & Abundance oracle reading where you will be shown exactly what’s possible for you if you apply the routines and clearings and tips we are going to share with you – so you’l be in no doubt possible about what you can look forward to


In this very short video I’m going to share with you 5 ways in which you will know for sure your life is changing – it’s only a few mins long but it contains a free message for you as my gift – take a moment this could be how things change we are going to be very real with you and cover the top 5 reasons how you will know change is happening as a result of all of this goodness






So what’s it going to be much (much) more of the same or the start of something different ?

It’s just 1 small payment of £99 or 2 payments of £65 – and your journey begins right now




I’m keeping this open for just a few more days within days over 10 people have joined me but spirit are saying there are another 5 that need this – so come on, step up what you do this year makes the difference for the next 9


‘Yes Sheelagh I’m In I need this to change’

(if you want the two payments please message me asap)


We know you get oodles of stuff and crap in your inbox I get it – but your gonna get over a months worth of support, hours worth of instruction, a free reading and also free card pulls healings and just so many surprises that you are giving yourself ‘the gift of yourself’ when you release the abundance your higher self is living into this physical version of you – that’s when ‘it finds you’ you don’t need to find or fake ‘it’


Sending you so much love – be brave, be abundant be YOU

Sheelagh and your team

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