P.O.W.E.R – A Dirty 5 letter Word!




Power – grasp it embrace it use it – how does this feel to you ? Does it make you feel squirmy, uncomfortable, even as if you want to back away?  Yet are there things in your life that you wish you could or things that you wish ‘would’ change ?  Has your story with manifesting petered out and you’re not sure what to write next ?


The angels have stepped forward to share with you how crucial and important it is to not just ‘be empowered’ but to embrace, wield and love every inch of ‘your power’ they told me bluntly that without we are ready to do this – our lives will keep constricting and things will get far harder not easier – this is because the 4th dimension has now shut, and there are two avenues, growth or compaction with ‘nothing in between’


Let me share my own ‘personal’ and real story – some of you may know that I had a really upsetting and complex situation with my father, I hadn’t seen him for 7 years and really didn’t relish doing so again.  I was bombarded by letters turning nastier and nastier calling me all the names under the sun and accusing me of really horrible things, I was at the point of getting an injunction to stop what literally felt like ‘hate mail’ when my angels said to me ‘ Your father is ill, he cannot help the way he is, and you do not Have to have a relationship with him.  But running away, hiding and pretending that it isn’t a problem Sheelagh Isn’t working it’s time to stand in your power’


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Now this was New Years Day I made a decision to see my father, who is actually a transgender and ‘haunted’ and it was a completely shattering experience, he was an old man but one who still had very sexist (yes really) and demeaning views of my children especially my daughter who is a successful radio journalist whom in his view ‘was going to amount to nothing’ he even said this to me on the day.

I won’t lie – I wanted to shout him down when I heard his diatribe, I realised he doesn’t ‘get’ what he does but it didnt’ make being in that energy let alone hearing it any easier, I pride myself on not judging people but I struggle to be around lower energies these days.  


I called upon my angels, and they said ‘Sheelagh stand in your power tell him you love him and forgive him’ – which much to my fathers amazement I did.  Now 6 months on I don’t have any more to do with him, but he is able to live his life in peace, not feeling the need to pester and taunt me knowing that I do see him, acknowledge him and not judge him – standing in my power allowed him to see me as the light being I am, it also allowed me to forgive and acknowledge him even though the rest is still ‘being written’


In a powerful video I am sharing a message from the angels about ‘power’ and how using this can and will change your life – Gabriel shares a exercise with you that will connect you back to your power and therefore your ability to start manifesting all of those outcomes that your ‘happy thoughts for two days’ haven;t changed – used regularly your reality will begin to move and shift and you will soon see ‘how’ to move forwards rather than ‘if’






I personally am a fan of people that do ‘change things up’ Freddie Mercury, Prince of course David Bowie and even some of the ‘alternative’ icons such as Grayson Perry, Andy Warhol etc have all shown us how to carve out a niche for ourself by being exactly who we are designed to be – playing small in your own life will only make you smaller.


When you ‘own’ your power, you will literally start to do feel and view things differently, it takes no effort, no ‘hard won smile’ and certainly no ‘stress’ in fact everything manifests itself perfectly ‘on time’ and organically because you have created a literal container that your guides will use to bring through the energy of your ‘vortex’ – it is simple ease and understated – and it is how I personally live my life and run my business.


In this blog I want to share with you how Power can move your life from dull and ‘grey’ to full of possibility and adventure and you can start this right now in this moment http://higherselfie.co/spirit/2016/5/4/the-power-and-bowie-by-sheelagh-maria-wright




So you see Power is the one energy that is ‘required’ in order to change your life – for example can you imagine if you said ‘yes’ to everyone and everything for one month how would your life change?  On the opposite scale stepping into your power may be saying ‘no’ a few more times what would that change for you?


Change as we move into the ascension energies is inevitable – it’s either growth or compaction, and for many of you there may be places where you just feel too confined to move, or perhaps you simply don’t know ‘how’ you CAN move forward – if so then allow me to invite you to explore how your guides – all twenty of them – are around you urging you to get some clarity, and then get a move on.


I now offer a 20 min clarity session with spirit – I offer these to the people that I am ‘told’ by spirit that we can help 

clarity sessions are perfect if 

  • You would like some help but are not sure ‘what’ would work for you 
  • You know where you need help but nothing has worked ‘yet’
  • You want to know your life purpose and to get on with living it 
  • You know you have a gift and you are considering developing it 
  • You are having issues with relationships/career & business development / hearing your guides & angels/ have issues manifesting the experiences you desire


Normally I Only offer clarity sessions to those interested in coaching due to booking levels, however I am guided to offer these to people that are considering readings with me too – to help you to find out before you invest whether ‘we’ (that is me and my team) can assist you and help you to CHANGE your life 


Here’s what I can do 

  • see your soul purpose and where you are ‘off track’
  • Hear your guides why things are as they are
  • See what healing you need for things to change
  • hear your soul client/niche/what your gifts are

For now though we want to remind you that stepping into your power is something that will assist you in every way, it doesn’t require anything more from you than to accept, understand and acknowledge that you created your reality but you can today at least begin to create something new and fresh – does this sound good to you ?


Your team is standing right around you as you read this and they want you to know that Today you CAN do something that Will bring in the energy that can allow a flow of abundance, love support and tenderness – I know this to be a fact, spirit saved my son, opened my gift and brought me Mr Wright – if they can do that for me they can do it for you too and I can teach you how 


If you’ve heard enough and you would like to schedule one of my 4 clarity calls for the week of 20th may onwards please use the link below and get in touch – I will let you know if we can help you and then we can set up your appointment – I adore to meet you and find out what you need assistance with and your team certainly have guided you to take this chance to move things forward https://www.sheelaghmaria.com/contact/


For now though get broadcasting the power that you ‘be’ and we send you love, blessings and much inspiration


Sheelagh and Your Team

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