Path of The Heart Complimentary Workshop

Hello beautiful souls,

well it’s November and your guides and angels are really wanting you to accelerate your happiness quota.  They have channeled a loving workshop through me which I offer to you with oodles of love and magic.


I live my life in a state of magic, spending my days talking to and hearing the angels fairies and other magical beings, and I work with these beings to facilitate growth, removing blocks and identifying my clients true soul purpose.


Did you know when you life your ‘real life’ from the heart you can manifest in over 70% quick time?

You can Also uncover outcomes that right now only feel like dreams on a distant horizon!


In this magical broadcast they will teach you how to manifest magic from your heart center right in the life you have now – there is also a special offer so magical that it oozes sparkles.





1 thought on “Path of The Heart Complimentary Workshop”

  1. Thank you Sheelagh Marie for sharing the webinar of living through the heart. Im so glad your team shared the connection of the heart and the divine/god spark within. I love it. The more you acknowledge it , the more its subtle presence makes itself known , and the true nature of its origin becomes ‘aware’ within you. Its our partner , guide, friend, parent, all powerful, everloving source….not miles away , but actually ‘within’ us . Yes the divine prescence of the creator actually within each and every one of us. Its so beautiful and powerful. Thank you .

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