Spaceships and Groundhogs……




I was going to film a video but I’ll be honest – I have absolutely no energy and cannot be bothered to do much – except inspire myself to visualize for five minutes today and also to infuse my aura with creative and abundance energies from my vortex…..or my ‘halo’



So many people right now are feeling frustrated, flat or freaked out it really is ‘like that – it’s just the way it is’ – but it is part of the plan and it’s the new dawn prior to the new day ……



All the happy thinking clearing and heightening (yes all of the stuff i help you to do) doesn’t actually change anything unless you then go on to do something different often that means asking ‘what now’ and then following your nose, and you’l probably sense right now that it’s still not quite time but you will have an inkling of something you Want (not ought) to do ….and will also have very good and valid reasons as to why you can’t….




‘Ground hog day’ where every day starts – and ends the same’ that’s what you are about to go into again if you don’t do something different – the ‘flat spot ‘ that has got so many of you flat (freaked out or frustrated) is actually where you have timelines converging, your positive thoughts have come to a place at the same time as your negative thoughts and now it’s time to see ‘who wins out’ – warning for 99% of you the cycle will continue because your circumstances haven’t changed – enough – yet ….and they WON’T if you don’t do the following things


  • Decide that you Are on board with your original goal – in fact make sure you HAVE a goal be clear exactly what that is ( remember ‘more’ comes from lack and will bring you ‘more’ of that lack if more is what you think will help you…groundhog – refer to picture above with love)
  • COMMIT to your goal and use this flat spot that isn’t a sweet spot – yet to find a ‘next step’ that is likely Not going to fit into your ‘comfort zone’ financially or time wise, but it IS the expansion you need to make – I’m not going to say that it has to be with me – it could be a college course, actually setting up that website, actually offering some readings, actually posting a blog or actually joining a dating site, it could be actually starting and sticking to the new healthy eating plan or actually applying for that new job or actually (actually) asking that man out for a date (and you can it’s allowed we are in the 21st century)
  • Get a Practice Asap to HEIGHTEN your energy and STRENGTHEN your energy even if your not feeling the urge to be all different right now, we say heighten as this takes you closer to your aligned goal but stronger so that it can come in make sure you USE that practice no matter what is going on around you or what you wish was happening
  • Ignore the evidence right now – literally you want better, so ignore ‘what is’ and decide to focus upon what will be act as if what you have Is what you want it to be this actually speeds up the offering of opportunities
  • Don’t Ignore ideas that come to you – if you get a ephiany about public speaking look into it, if you get an idea to ask someone to give you a trial in some way do it, if you feel that you should do something out of the ordinary such as a mind body spirit fair then do it if it comes in whilst you are doing all the above it is part of the new day




The other thing to bear in mind is that your ‘space suit’ or your energy or your aura contains everything you need, all of your potential for ‘right now’ all of your guides healing all of your current purpose exists literally in the thin air around you – which is great if it is all yours, but 99% of people are carrying around other peoples energy in their aura and if you are doing this no amount of ‘forced thoughts’ can allow your goals to come in this is because


  • Other people send their fears and frustrations into your aura through negative energy cords
  • Karmic energy from other people such as money, business, even family is transmitted and then their stuff affects you
  • Beings that are attached to them because they don’t know what to do or how to do it ‘jump’ over into your auric field making everything you think about not feel ‘right’ to you and you start having strong self doubts and feeling blocked – then everything can be undermined
  • rips and tears in your auric field let in competition energy from the outside world and energy seeds also ‘take root’

All of these things in your ‘space suit’ don’t Allow you to manifest what you are trying too and this is where we can help




Even with all the resources I have your guides know exactly ‘why’ you are not moving forward and when they work with you they will quickly explain where other peoples energy is blocking you


It amazes me the amount of times they will shine a light on a ingrained belief or a false hope that is keeping someone stuck, but they will also lovingly give you structured tips for moving forward such as sessions to offer, clients to connect with, projects to start and they will at times give timings if relevant


Your guides know you get fed up they know life can feel repetitive but they also know it doesn’t have too – i am personally being guided to break out into new pastures and that is why in two weeks time my prices all of them will be going up for this reason anyone wanting or thinking of working with me is being urged to get in contact now for my clearings, and coachings – of course it is easier to hold onto your pennies and ‘hope’ something or someone will do it for you, but it is unlikely that is going to happen unless you do it first


Remember your energy comes into contact with the energy of others every day even if you know them love them and trust them, it is these energies that do the damage prevent us from manifesting and actively put us ‘off the course’ our soul has put us on – we can begin to change that in just three weeks


My luscious new course I Love Abundance is actively designed to support you to ease into this new beginning – you will be taken care of every step of the way – we start with a full energy clearing of your abundance anatomy and we then give you a bespoke abundance routine to get you aligned and open




But that’s not all – you get support in so many ways we also


  • Give you a weekly card reading from your guide on the abundance energies for that week
  • Give you a weekly infusion into your energy field to bring possibilities in all ways forward for you not just monetary but love friendship everything
  • You get 3 sessions with me live to address all your needs
  • You even get to pay by payment plan if abundance is not flowing fully yet
  • You learn how to speak to your guides and get their answers

To me all of this is priceless i could not have my business without it, i would not have attracted my husband Mr Wright without it, I would not be getting on stage in 4 weeks without it, and I would not be speaking in austria next year with my very best friend without it …..so let me ask you can you really do without it ?


We want things to change for you – and we are offering you a golden opportunity for the month of August you can take up I Love Abundance at the reduced price of £250 for 4 weeks support – and you get to pay in two installments – yes it may be uncomfortable to say ‘yes’ to yourself but here is what some of my gorgeous clients have had to say



From Katarina Supric :  ‘

When I came across Sheelagh’s work, I was immediately drawn to her and knew in my heart this is something I longed to do. Little did I know that few months later, my guides will guide me to work with her. I couldn’t have made a better decision and I am honoured to be trained by her. I find her psychological knowledge and spiritual wisdom to be a perfect blend and combined by angel channelling, it provides such a powerful transformational work. I love her warmth and support and feel she knows my heart and soul. I am grateful she is assisting me to walk the path I am meant to walk and embrace it with ease, joy and hope.


From Jocelyn Moss :  ‘ have worked with Sheila many times for the past 2 years. She has guided me through some pretty big stuff from divorce to major career changes. She can tap right into the heart of you and guide you to your very next step. She’s like your very best friend. Her guidance is fun and practical and heaven sent. Thank you so much Sheila’


From Danielle Curzon : ‘I’ve been privileged to work with you twice so far (hoping more) and I have a great spiritual routine thanks to you and a clearer understanding of who thinks happen. I am so excited to continue my journey with you. You have changed my life so much for the better from what I have learnt from you. Thank you so much sheila’


Are you ready to set something new in motion ?  We Gaurantee without any concerns that it will change things for you – how and what are down to you but we are asking you to really dig deep and ask yourself ‘ground hog or spaceship’ – are you ready to burst forth into a whole new scene ?


If it’s enough for you and you are ready to do something rather than just see it all repeat (again) then the link is here the cheaper price is only available for the next 5 days and my prices are going up in just a few short weeks so don’t delay get on with what your team are urging you to do click here to pay just £125 for the first two weeks support – the second payment comes by invoice after your first and before your second session – it’s a bargain


Note I only have 3 of these so if you genuine NEED some help then get in touch





For now though we wish you to find your sweet spot however you can – but do it for yourself it’s only when we light up our own world from the inside that the outside world can change


With love and sparkels

Sheelagh and your team

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