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  • The Queen Code

    Every month
    Getting ready to rock your own world!
    • Monthly Q&A with your spirit team to ask for guidance
    • Monthly clearing for money, love or your choice
    • Monthly mini reading to help you plan for what's next
    • Weekly Card For your biggest priority
  • You Are an Angel Medium

    Every month
    +£99 Deposit
    5 week course to develop your mediumship skills
    Valid for 2 months
    • Learn the structure of giving a good intuitive reading
    • Learn how to read the current timeline accurately
    • Receive 2 Psychic attunements to elevate your intuition
    • Learn how to call in loved ones on behalf of your client
    • Give Live readings to my clients
    • Includes pdf trainings & recordings
  • Learn to Read & Clear Souls 3 month plan

    Every month
    Valid for 3 months
    • Dowse Soul Types, Soul Lessons & Soul Contract details
    • Learn to CLEAR soul lessons and soul blocks
    • Learn to Invoke powerful angelic help on behalf of loved one
    • Learn how to read your loved ones timeline
    • Understand the different types of soul contracts
    • Soul charts to dowse soul types
    • Archangelic Charts to provide soul clearings
    • Soul contract charts to dowse soul lessons
    • Angelic Messaging Lessons to receive accurate guidance
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