Prophecies For 2022

Hello lovely one

I’m beyond excited at what’s coming into our lives this year, as a medium I’m able to hear and see the potentials before they happen and i promise it’s not all bad news


The year will start off with some change, disruption readying us for our new life purposes which are given to us on January 14th – but all of these disruptions will allow for more opportunities to find us – if we feel supported enough to allow them to flow in


Here are my top prophecies for next year!



  • Housing / relationship situations come to a climax causing us to make those changes nessacary for more love
  • Money flows faster to and from you depending on where you are energetically
  • Health issues of loved ones cause us to revisit what we need for our lives
  • More success with business, self employment & long term plans
  • More commitment in relationships that are truly right for us
  • More love and harmony in our lives than ever before a year from now

Are you in a situation that has ‘gone on’ for some time and you are worried about what those changes might be ?

Would you love someone ‘on your side’ but do not have much time or money to invest ? Please, let me and your guides help …..


‘Spirit Centre’ is unlike any other membership because I Don;t just drop you in a big pool of clients, every single member gets bespoke readings via video each month


The ethos of spirit centre is helping you nurture your spirit, the part of you that needs to be happy for anything else to flow in


I offer two levels Gold or Rose Gold the only difference is that with Rose Gold you get to have a personal video reading once a month on any topic you choose! Plus….


  • Monthly card reading just for you via video
  • Monthly Psychic activation for abilities money or love to keep and reuse
  • Loads of classes about mediumship, trance channelling and special Angelic Abundance classes such as The Money Angels
  • two live classes a month every month

I don’t believe in mass produced memberships because the one gift i have is being able to hear your higher self, what you Truly need and how i can help – and with me that’s what you get – someone who knows how hard life can be and yet how worthwhile it is as well

Let me help you to help yourself and others, let your prophecy one that feels supported, expansive and loving just as your Spirit intended!


For the first five that sign up for Rose Gold you will Also get a free 3 month new Money clearing  as my gift to you sign up here https://www.sheelaghmaria.com/the-spirit-centre/


For now the best prophecy i can give you is that life is what you Will and go on to make it lets hope it’s the best yet


Sending heaps of love

Sheelagh and your team

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