Prosperity & Peace



Do you feel you simply ‘cannot carry on as you have’ but see no alternative coming forth ? Do you wish that someone can ‘tell you your purpose’ so you can get on with it and not waste time ?

Your Only purpose is to move forward and be willing to find happiness –


What we want to say to you is this –  everything has a shelf life – food, relationships our physical body, it’s not how long something ‘goes on for’ but the quality of the experience you have – if your stress levels remain high, but your happiness is low you are Not on your souls path


Receiving Love Peace & Prosperity is easy when your energy field is open clear and bright

Your 9th chakra when fully open pulls through the energy of your divine plan

Your Intuition will tell you exactly what steps to take when your aura is clear



Many of those steps may not be ‘clear enough according to your mind’ & you may still ‘struggle with why things are the way that they are’ – are you brave enough to let go of ‘what you feel’ and do what may be illogical but what you Know Is In Your Heart ?


For many years I have taught clairvoyant development – now my work has changed to helping my sisters in a much bigger way, literally becoming their higher self on earth this can often happen when


Their long term relationships finally take too much

Their career options are so limited they Must tackle their inner worth

Their guidance falls away and they’re left reeling by outside events


Your very faith is likely being tested – what do you have to do to receive love and prosperity ? The answer is simple – GROW – but the actual doing of it is hard when your mind says ‘yes but I need to know What that looks like’

Sessions with your guides to ensure you are learning what you agreed to learn

Meditations where you trance your higher self

Light activations with pure cosmic crystals placed into your timeline from heaven

Advice on relationships/career and anything else that you need

1 Full abundance activation that my private clients rave about

1 card reading to show you the possibilities for the next full year

This is for you if you want Proper energetic help – a mixture of mystical and practical actual help we don’t mince our words and our activtions DO work as they should the price ‘should be’ £599 but I am offering this to one person for just £399


You have to DO something new to Get something new – otherwise what’ is’ just carries on and grows


I would Love to help you get all the love and prosperity you deserve!


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