Psychic Abilities Reading

Have You wondered if you are psychic ?
Have you had experiences that don’t make “logical sense “?
Would you like to know EXACTLY what your abilities are & how your meant to use them ?
Did you know there are different kinds of Psychics, such as Angelic Psychics, Seers, & mediums ?
I believe we are all born with these abilities, but only some are meant to use them to help others …..
So very often I see amazing psychics who don’t realise they COULD be doing this professionally, if only they understood why sometimes it’s obvious & at other times it’s hit and miss!
In this reading over 45 minutes I will tell you what your percentage of psychic ability is,
but not only that I will tell you who you are here to help
I will also speak to you candidly about any soul lessons that are blocking your abilities, & give you Archangel Michaels guidance on how you can help yourself
After all of that, Michael will speak to you directly & share with you part of your soul purpose agreed before birth so you have a better idea of what to do next
This reading is an exploration into your potential & we want you to walk away feeling supported, excited & ready to take the next step!

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