Do you need help in your life right now but not know where to turn?
Are there several issues that you face and you have no idea what your ‘supposed to do’ next?
Are you attracted to angels but not have any confidence that your Really connecting and
think it’s perhaps ‘all in your mind ?’
Are you a healer and want to take those next steps to develop your spiritual gifts but are
unsure exactly what those gifts could be or how you would use them to help others ?
I specialise in hearing angels and have done for 16 years, I am able to clearly zone in on why
things are as they are, and explain what you need to focus on now and the
actions to take next
The angels tell me that a new wave of Lightworkers are present on earth, and my job is to
help you step into your true role as an angelic healer or medium
Angelic mediumship is similar to regular Psychic Mediumship except that your giving
messages with the support of your angels, this means you have more confidence in what
you receive is accurate for the person your trying to help – in my experience the angelic
realm is much more powerful than people expect it to be
Have a look below at my ‘at a glance’ offerings or head on over to MY SERVICES to see how
the angels can help you today


Am I Psychic

Angelic mediumship Training
6 light filled sessions focused on helping you get the most out of your gifts
Includes knowing when your connected, giving in-depth angel readings to yourself and
How to know which angel is with you
How to sense and know what the angels want you to convey
Advanced angel Messaging for those who are further on their path

Next Steps Reading
What do you need to know right now
Messages from your Angels
Understand your Soul purpose

Angel Healing Package
3 light filled sessions with the angels to help you get unstuck and to help you move orward
in your life whether you need help with multiple issues or just a good spring clean this
package includes mini readings during our sessions clearings and general life advice