Psychic Medium for Star Seeds

I'm Sheelagh Maria and I'm not your average clairvoyant

You see I’m an ordinary wife and mum who was thrown into all this when my son was 2 days old.

I never bargained on being a Clairvoyant and I never thought I would be able to help you in this way – it just goes to show how amazing life can be.

My son was really ill, and none of us knew, I had a nagging feeling that I suppressed (as so many of us do) and finally, I jumped out of my skin when I heard a voice telling me to get him to the hospital now!

My son’s life was saved – and my work with the angels began but to the outside, I looked like every other mum.

I pride myself on being down to earth and practical and at the end of the day in the real world, we have real-life problems I understand this because I had to walk my walk before I was qualified to help anyone else.

I now live a really happy life, I have 4 children a wonderful husband who happens to be called Mr Wright, a huge Alaskan malamute who is my world and I love motorcycles, climbing mountains and dressing up in 1940’s clothes.

                    Psychic Mediumship isn’t just about talking to dead folks! 

It’s about helping people to help themselves. Helping people to understand their reason for being here, and also helping them to understand why it’s been as tough as it has but most importantly, what they can use from their life experience to help others.

                                 Your Guides Know You Feel An urge to help more – but don’t know where to start! 

Life is so amazing – or it can be when you have the right support and your guides want you to know that you really don’t have to go it alone, they are around you urging you now to take action and allow them to connect with you.

        Need Guidance now? Why not try my ‘all in one’ Simple Psychic reading’ to answer your most burning questions? 

If you’re ready to be supported, encouraged, cleared and motivated then as I give you a huge big hug walk this way…

Psychic Mediumship