Angelic Mediumship Training – Starts 6th September 2022

6Do you want to learn to receive messages from the spirit world?

The way I teach mediumship is through the Angelic Realm – The Archangels lend their energy to yours meaning that you can safely dive into the connection and give your client whatever they need

How to tell which archangel is with you
Moving From Healer to Medium Through giving psychic Impressions
Knowing how to call more messages through
Your Role As An Angelic Medium Rather Than A Psychic
Practice Readings Test

         MODULE 2 WEEKS 3-5 The Mechanics Of Mediumship

How to be sure you have a ‘link’ with the Archangels or your Main Guide
How to move from giving ‘impressions’ to giving accurate constructive messages
How to work with the Archangels to release your fear of ‘getting it wrong’
Working With Your Archangel To build your Spirit Channel
 Semi evidential messages
Bringing Loved Ones Spirits In How To Tell They’re ‘Really There’
Getting Clairvoyant ‘evidence’ & empathic messages   
Week of LIVE practice reading tests & Personal Tuition

MODULE 3 WEEKS 7 – 9 Your Angelic Mediumship In Action 

    Giving Full Angelic Mediumship Readings Including Semi Evidential Tuition
Trusting What You Feel You Know When Nothing Else Comes

Readings For Recently Bereaved Including Children covered as a topic
How To ‘See’ when you normally don’t
Strengthening your bond with the spirit realm daily

Practice Readings Online For Certification

In this in-depth 9 week class we will
• Have a Spirit Circle where you come to practice your gifts
• ` Guide you to heal feelings of not being enough & lack of self belief 
 •Help you to learn to receive messages in an authentic way for you 
• Personal sessions every other week with me to develop you further 
• Why you ‘may not get anything at all ‘ and how to deal with that!
• Test readings for each attendee
• Certificate upon completion Mediumship ethics for practice

This course is perfect for anyone who wants to give it a go – whether you are already a
medium and want to experience a deeper connection or you’re a novice and you want to
take that next step
‘Yes I’m in’
Early Bird – Pay In 1 payment of £399 before August 15th 2022

or Pay in 3 payments of £199

                                       These payments can be made between now and November 1st  for anyone wanting to book                                              Not sure if ‘you can do this ? why not schedule to have a chat with me ?

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Please note all bookings are NON refundable as long as i am able to provide the services i have stated – pdf agreeing to this will be sent to all parties prior to course starting booking means you understand this is non refundable unless i cannot or do not provide theservices stated above as i have set out to do thank you

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