Putin Predictions & What They Mean For Us


Archangel Michael has come forward to speak about what he sees occurring over the next year regarding The Russian Invasion he’s also speaking quite candidly about the effects on us personally as we are all moved by the bravery & plight of the Ukrainians


Putin represents the old regime of control enforced subjagation & humilation if one does not confirm – Archangel Michael says bluntly ‘he will fall on his self made sword in the end there will be no protection for this wager of war’


He shows me the liklihood that Putin will cross over within the next year , I am also shown that in the immediacy of this there is likely to be another figure who takes his place that carries the same sort of energy, and in the end it will be up to the people of Russia to stand up not just for themselves but for the way of life that they have because the destruction of Ukraine won’t end there it will become obvious to the Russian citizens that what started as an invasion of a neighbouring peaceful country is now going to implode upon them as it must


The rest of the world stands with Ukraine and this energy of coming together is set to continue for as long as is needed, it will become apparent that the knock on effect is huge and it is going to mean of course the initial crisis is shocking but over the next two years we will be affected increasingly wherever we live – we deserve to live in peace but also in Abundance and it’s vital that our flow of prosperity  increases not decreases during this time


Archangel Michael says it’s very likely that this world event will mean that the flow of food stops at times, and due to the uncertainty of the chain of events that lead to this, people will start to grow their own produce and in time a bartering system of skills versus goods will start to spread through most communities in the Western world, this will create an appreciation of what it takes to achieve something and a greater level of respect will be present for all people whether they are a “highly skilled’ professional or a green fingered wizard – this levels the playing field for those that until now have been at the mercy of the government, the banks, the institution it puts the power back into the individuals hands

From a financial point of view some ‘professionals’ will cease to earn as they have been because they will simply not meet the requirements of the consumer, prices ARE going to fall for some services and people will increasingly stand by what they know they need and professional institutions  will have to start to give far more value for money and a much better experience for the buyer


In the immediate future Archangel Michael tells me it IS likely that you will see small business’s struggling to compete with the big guns and this is NOTHING new, however what you will also find is that people are far more prepared to do ‘whatever they have to do’ in order for them to move forward


THIS is the blessing of where we are, the energy of power and progress and the ‘Inevitable push’ that gives us as a species will literally create the stubborn mentality that you will do ‘everything nessacary’ for your own saftey and that of your children loved ones and families


I am seeing many lightworkers exhausted by the energies in thier lives and yet they feel they have No choice but to ‘keep on going’ because of the fear of ‘not having enough’ this and feeling a lack of self esteem regarding their offerings means that they feel they have to compete with those that are giving far less quality for the same amount of money the energy of compettion and desperation IS going to get much stronger within those that are trying their best to stay afloat – we want to help you with a FREE Psychic Reading about your Long Term Prosperity & Abundance – read on…….


This is because at a Quantum level using the minimum amount of effort but with the strong intent to move forward and the mindset that you know it MUST happen so you WILL it to happen, creates the greatest amount of impact with ease – I myself am seeing friends of mine, being far MORE prepared to grow, take a chance, do what they’ve never dared do before because it really IS now or not at all ……Your Psychic Abilties may already have warned you that you need to take action where your own Money & Abundance is concerned


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For now we wish you security, strength calm and courage


With greatest love

Sheelagh & Your Team

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