What Sort of Psychic Are You?

Hello gorgeous – so you want to find out what sort of psychic you are, let's dive in and see how spooky you could be!

If you got to choose what type of reading you would love to receive what would that be ?
If you could be ‘Psychic’ all the time what would feel easiest to you with your intuition right now ?
What interests you Most about working with energy ?
What describes you the most right now ?
Which of these matters to you the most ?
What kind of results do you want to get from development?
What would people say about you if we asked?
What do you THINK you’re here to do in the year ahead with your gifts?
Which of these statements describes you best?

Well done gorgeous, now pop your email in the bottom and we’ll tell you ‘What sort of psychic, you could be’


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