Quantum Money


What does that even mean ?  It means simply  ‘before It’s Manifested’

The world events globally & personally are  all about power, & whether we yield to it or whether we ‘stand in it’ & use it in positive motivational ways, either way it’s getting stronger & the question is are you harnessing it in ways that help you ?


Have you had the experience of dilligently ‘trying to manifest something’ and you start to feel the energy building, only for ‘life’ to smack you in the face and put you firmly back where you were ?  I’ve Literally had that happen to me too – & when I asked my guides they said it was because of the settings in my aura that were allowing people to transfer their stuff ‘into’ my energy field that meant I was attracting their dilemmas rather than My manifestations!


It literally took me falling face first into a muddy puddle to realise my balance was affected badly by other peoples stuff!


Several Months later my guides have worked with me to understand how to harness the ‘creative/progressive/desctructive energies’ that are flowing into and around our planet right now, and it’s nothing what soever to do with my thoughts and feelings, it’s literally to do with my energy field, the people I’m calling into my life on a soul level, and the 5d matrix that is feeding me higher self energy- what i found is that by harnessing the pure power energy that creates all of lifes major events you can strongly affect what comes next – you cant control it or manipulate it but you can strongly affect what comes



And so I’m Very excited to share this latest offering with you – Quantum Money is WAY different from other courses because its NOT about beliefs and thoughts and has NOTHING to do with the law of attraction, my guides actually come INTO your aura and change the settings that cause you to feel inhibited when it comes to doing new things, too tired to try something different or simply not being able to believe that things can and will change for the better


Over 6 weeks you will get both personal sessions with me focusing on any and all reasons why money isnt coming, but you will also get day to day alterations made :


to your transferance settings – where other peoples stuff becomes yours

to your angelic settings – which directs how much or how little angelic help you can receive

to your money and wealth settings – that govern how much can come and how long it will stay

and other settings besides


You will receive

2 Indepth psyhic readings at the start and end of your time

1 of these is about your long running financial security

6 live calls teaching you cutting edge creation technology

6 money healings to clear your earthly aura

6 card pulls to assist you in focusing your energy clearly

6 Power hours where you will get ot ask about anything you believe is affecting you right now



Many of you will have heard about ‘the vortex’ but what many of you may not realise is it’s a combination of your aura, your merkaba, your higher self & the higher selves of all of those in your ‘true soul group’ that are incarnate on earth, if you are swirling about in the energy and feelings of those who are vibrationally in a much denser place than you, it’s impossible to be seen and found by the employers, soulmates, friends, those who would invest in you, those who would collaborate with you those that are LIKE you becuase you are essentially not ‘who you truly are’ – learning how to bring your true higher self into the earth plane means


Getting rid of the templates inherited from parents and grandparents

Getting rid of the defaults suggested by your current identity and current earning power

Getting much stronger in your awareness of what you planned before you were born

Getting much more feedback on a daily basis about what is meant for you and of course what isn’t

Getting much more motivated to do things you woulndt have dared to do before

getting Much more results when you actually DO those things


I am so excited to share with you tools that are simply NOT shared anywhere else because my guides Orion and Spirit have given them to me, and i will teach them ALL to you and best of all there is a payment plan to make it super easy to say ‘yes to yourself’ all the details are here https://www.sheelaghmaria.com/advanced-money-mastery-create-a-new-experience-with-money-with-sheelagh-maria-the-angels/


I really, truly hope you will go against the grain and instead of staying safe and things getting smaller and harder, you will say ‘sod it’ and stubbornly expand into the creator you always wanted to be – we’l meet you there


With all our love and a 100% belief in you

Sheelagh and your team

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