Receiving Abundance From The Angels

Your angels understand you have efforted, stressed, affirmed as much as you can and they have a message for you –

The earth realm right now is a crazy messy place and it’s happening for a reason right now but it isn’t a easy path – your life is going to change but you need to feel safe and secure as this is coming in for you

Receiving is an energetic wander that gathers pace and slowly in alignment with our highest path yet we must say on track and THAT is the issue most of us have!

‘Healing & Receiving With The Archangels’  supports you not only with opening to your new path but also develops your spiritual gifts so you can be sure of what your guidance is – this is a supremely life changing opportunity for just 10 loving souls who have a gift to share yet want to receive more goodness into their own lives



You Will Over 6 Weeks

  • Learn to channel messages in writing verbally and for others
  • Receive 6 1 hour calls to connect you with the archangel in group format
  • Receive 6 loving meditations to help you open your psychic channels further
  • Receive Assignments aimed at you making real life changes & demonstrating your connection to heaven
  • Be given the opportunity to read for each other
  • Bonus 30 min session for any reason with Option 1
  • Bonus Oracle card reading With Option 1
  • Focus on 3rd eye, Channelling & healing activations
  • Learn who you SHOULD be helping and how

This course is perfect for you if you are yearning to develop your gift yet you don’t know how, 

or if you are going through a tough time in your life and you need to know things will be okay and you need ongoing support – we will be covering


  • Self Awareness With Archangel Michael – he will be altering your energy field so your gifts are open to the next level
  • Self Love With Archangel Gabriel – she will help you with those relationship issues your ability to receive anything (messages abundance soul mates etc)
  • Your Sacred Vision With Archangel Raziel – seeing timelines, clairvoyance and visioning with your third eye
  • Healing With Archangel Raphael – opening up your hand chakras your healing ability strengthened
  • Open your intuition with Archangel Haniel – reading cards reading energy reading your own life path
  • Embracing Abundance With Arial – what changes do you need to make for this and what’s your money archetype?



This isn’t just a course it’s a partnership where they will start to alter your energy field for the huge potential 2018 has – you are one of 10 very special light workers who is supposed to help others – you must therefore help yourself first !


If you want to grab one of these spots for the course which starts on Feb 20th please grab your place now – it doesn’t matter if you are an existing healer or reader or a complete beginner you will receive a lot of personal support from me during this journey each week you can bring your questions to the call and i will willingly help as many of you as i can

1 Payment of £299 With FREE reading with me Oracle Card reading of your path

Or 3 payments of £99 for group format  


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