Sacred Abundance For Your Scared Heart – Why it’s going to be okay



Have you ever had that sinking feeling when someone asks you or expects you to do something you just don’t enjoy doing ?  Or worse do you know in advance it’s expected that you do it and it causes an inner conflict even as you try and form your face into a calm mask ?


Your soul is aware of those moments of intense discomfort – your soul understands that you Want to be authentic but – it could cost you so much – actually saying what you really think and feel may cause a huge argument, or worse you can almost feel the whispers and frowns if you honour what your heart tells you – yet because it’s easier you try for now to convince yourself ‘all is well’ and you try and come up with a perspective that doesn’t hurt – and yet even thought the circumstance in and of itself may be over quickly you know with every heartbeat – you just crossed a line you wished you hadn’t



When you do something that ‘goes against’ what is right for you it doesn’t just affect your emotions, you are sending a clear signal into the ether that your needs are Not the most important thing, it also invites more people be they soul mates, friends or family members to ‘try their luck too’, it infuses your physical body and aura with the ‘anxiety vibration and this literally ‘taints your timeline’ for around 2 weeks – and This affects your ability to allow abundance radically



Honouring your scared but oh so sacred heart is absoloutely vital if you want to allow abundance in – even in a completely different area ……


  • When you honour your Heart centre in any small way you will feel it open and a sense of relief will pour through – this allows the tension for now to die down and keeps the channel open for you to receive guidance
  • When you sense that you Must address this – you are right, the tears, the urgency, the sheer frustration that arises – that’s your bodies response to something which Cannot benefit you in anyway – don’t feel that you Must address it now – but do breathe down into the ground and promise yourself when the energy has cleared you Will address this in the way that is right for you at this time
  • What is the right approach at this time may be different to what your mum, mentor or best friend will tell you – only you know what is right for you YOU must honour you, but we advise making sure it is the Broader part of yourself you connect to so you DO address your Souls needs
  • Abundance and love success and forward movement will all start up again, When you have honoured Your sacred nature, you are not losing out this too was part of the plan, giving yourself a few days and feeling into the best way to approach something is fine
  • Don’t ignore the way you feel, and don’t ignore the root cause either what is at the bottom of the reaction that you have – perhaps you Really (really) don’t like your sister in law/husbands best friend/having to play stepmum to brats whatever it is but WHY does it affect you so much – This is crucial to connect to
  • If you are getting ‘bad press’ for the way you feel and you urgently want them to understand how hard it is for you – please YOU must understand why it is so hard for you but one final thing beautiful soul, remember to be kind to yourself, the way that we react is often primal, it’s ususally covering up a wound that your soul NEEDS you to heal so that your true path can be uncovered if you don’t look at the way YOU treat yourself, other people be they husband, mother in law, father, colleagues whoever it is will carry ON expecting you to trample over your own boundaries – the road home is the one you travelled ‘out wards’ on…..



We would love to help you to understand How you can receive Sacred Abundance Through Working with and opening your scared but oh so sacred heart – connecting with your guides and your soul herself and receiving pure loving healing through your energy field allows the divine to do ‘the heavy lifting’ you simply do not have to do it all alone, or fear that if you do address it, your relationship may end, you may be laughed at or scorned and Still have no abundance to show for your bravery



Working through your fears and realising just how power – full you really are has nothing to do with conflict – it has everything to do with alignment which isn’t about ‘a pretence of happiness’ it’s about taking in the guidance of your guides, understand the soul contract between you and the other person, and especially if theirs a group dynamic understanding what you are here to emulate to them, and how you can grow ‘through’ addressing this – by working with your soul you literally


  • bring your higher self’s loving and practical guidance into your day to day life
  • Receive the vibrational clearings of karmic and empathic energy which can include downloads, removal of cords/hooks and ‘energy wrapping’
  • Removal of entities that ‘fiddle with’ your abundance settings
  • Clearing of old energies in your ‘shared money and family and relationship areas’
  • Retrieval of the parts of you that are in ‘energetic safe keeping’ as your mind feared ‘trauma’ without these other parts of your energy are integrated your energy field is full with the old and the new can’t and won’t manifest – also known as soul retrieval
  • Understand your current challenges from a perspective of absoloute love – and realize how you can evolve in response to them and over time the people challenging you have the ability to change because You have changed


All of this work is done in my Sacred Soul Fire healing and clearing and now you can have a Free ‘channelling chat’ with me to find out if this is match for you


The beings I work with are magical and powerful it’s very often Mary Magdelene, Jesus, the Archangels and your own personal star guides that come in – the wonderful thing is they know you very well and understand everything you have been struggling with



As my gift for you even if you decide not to sign up as a result of a ‘channelling chat’ I will pull 3 cards for you to support your current journey – now my Soul Fire asks me to ask you ‘are you ready for loving and abundant change ?’ People have asked me what ‘I do’ in these sessions and I’d love to give you an inside view




  • The first thing I do is light a ‘sacred candle’ connect to god, your guides and your higher self and invite them in
  • They will often start the session off with messages that reassure you that you are safe loved and cared for
  • We will then move into the healing which can be on any subject from abundance to relationships or career – and I ‘witness’ the amazing changes they make to your existing timeline, energy field and future path
  • You then connect and You learn to feel and hear your guides – we need You to have your own ‘heavenly hotline’
  • You are often give meditations, homework or advice for the coming week
  • You are then given a clearing the week after to keep the work moving until your next session

This work is so powerful that it not only creates shifts in your perspective but often other life areas start moving as well – what is for sure is that ‘heaven knows best’ and your life Will change in accordance with ‘your souls plan’


Your scared and scarred heart does not have do it alone ‘any more ‘ we understand and we want you to know you are going to be more than okay no matter how it seems now – Soul Fire is perfect if you have


  • experienced rocky times with long running relationships & family
  • experienced chaos with finances and manifestation is just not working as you wish
  • experienced waves of low emotions in response to ‘real life’ and it isn’t getting easier
  • you so want to serve, and learn to connect and share heavens messages yourself
  • your stuck in a rut and know conventional coaching and reiki isn’t enough
  • you need someone on your side as you move through the crap



We are here, you are there and there is everything to gain, I’ve seen complex relationships heal, family situations calm down, and job opportunities flow in – there is nothing to lose and everything to gain



We would also like to say whilst we would love to chat to everyone bookings and my gift don’ t allow me to work for free, so whilst I’ll happily pull 3 cards for you this coaching and healing is valuable, it changes lives, so please contact me if you are ready and willing to invest in yourself – if money IS an issue for you we understand and are happy to put payment plans into being for those that really want to partner with their soul and heave



‘know above all else, you are loved’ – Jeremiah


Sending you SO much love and real life rainbows

Sheelagh and your very loving team


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