September Spirit……..

The summer winds it;s way down to gifting us with golden dusky evenings and a time to take stock……but for many of us we still feel we have So much to do, so much to share …..and it can feel that you ‘can’t stop yet’ even though your not sure exactly which direction ‘your supposed to go in ‘

This month I have been shown it is more important than ever to have a clear understanding of your purpose, and of your inherrent ability to do everything and be everything you planned, for it may seem as though you take sidesteps instead of moving forward…..



I’m seeing many lightworkers feeling thwarted, fatiged and some are feeling ‘this is it I have NO IDEA what I’m supposed to do or how I’m supposed to overcome THIS!’ * Flouncing handmovement



Rest assurred that although the energies are firey and uncertain the overall movement for you Will see you make progress, inthe ways you wanted too before you came but – all to often other energies come into play and cause us to second guess or worse still fall off our path more than we would like causing us to wonder ‘what it’s all about’


If your reading this, I would ask you to go inside for just a moment, and sense if you need some clarity and some support – do you feel that you want to know WHY things have been as they are, and HOW you are supposed to create something new ?  – and perhaps I worked with you many moons and months ago and your seeing ‘us’ for the first time since then!



The cards I’m sharing in this post are from my favourite deck and they show doors unopened, the weaver of spells and the enchanter all images that call to my inner Witch and Fairy who loves to create and express – and my guides are telling me many of you are also ready to create and express your truth and your magic in wonderful new ways – if only you knew what that was!


September is always a time for harvest, abundance, and also sowing new seeds for the future so it’s the perfect time to get really clear on your current life purpose, what your higher self wants for you and where you need to move forward now, so under guidance from my gorgeous team ‘Movement Magic & Miracles’ is my 1 day online retreat where youl get all the help you need!


We’l be focusing on each of your personally to ensure you get your biggest concerns addressed, you’l get bespoke clearings and healings AND readings showing what’s coming up next year…..


We’l also gift you with a introuction to a magical being who literally can make success come your way and a special invocation to summon them to your side with love

You will enjoy a deep dive into your year ahead and along with the Archangels you will see what’s possible for you but also what needs to be dealth with this is a process i will help each of you with

I haven;t done an online retreat for a whole year or more, and this one is special with how crazy the world is right now I’m told more than ever it’s important that you believe in yourself no matter ‘how life feels’ just now


To join me on Saturday October 2nd just click here to book your Spirit Soaked place at just £88  book your space here https://paypal.me/sheelaghmariacom?locale.x=en_GB  


I am limiting this to just a small handful of lovely souls because you are going to get help wherever you need it the most

Im sending you So much love

Sheelagh and your team

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