Shine Your Light Show 24th September and Readings From me

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Your team know that right now it’s crazy, it’s like the way people normally behave, has been forgotten, children, spouses, animals and even Cars computers and phones All seem to have a mind of their own.  The mercury retrograde is actually a slowing down, so that we can shed what we pretend is working and create what would work better.


The biggest issue i see in a retrograde is people trying to PUSH PAST these situations, getting really frustrated and even despondent because everything seems so up in the air and kinda crazy, when in fact if you take a deep breath centre and detatch you will get the rewards from this time.


What if :

  • This is the time when clarity came in for you in regards to relationships
  • This is the time when Finally you HEALED your relationship with money (in PRACTICAL ways)
  • This is the time when you were able to change the interactions with people around you
  • This is the time when you Knew without a shadow of a doubt (or certainly a lot less) what do do and when
  • This is the time that your guides can speak to you and be heard about your next step


You see potentially this IS the time of greatest rewards, but if you are so busy trying to Push past and ‘MAKE it work like you think it SHOULD’ then you cannot receive them because no space has been created.  Your team want you to

  • Relax if that mother or teacher or loved one is in a grump – heck let it BE THEIR grump not yours smile
  • GIVE UP on transferring that money right now, or having that conversation right now that just isn’t flowing
  • DON’T DO what you HAVE to do or SHOULD do – instead hang loose, chill go do what you WANT to do (please) they say
  • Forget what hasn’t resolved itself it aint gonna manifest whilst you are twisting those knickers girl
  • LAUGH at yourself, at what goes wrong and see perhaps it’s on the verge of going right
  • DO SOMETHING EASY  – like listen to the free gift below which is going to help you a whole lot more than stress and worry!



‘Shine Your Light Show’ –  it’s designed to help you unwind, sit back, detach and Receive guidance from your guides and angels, honestly in a retrograde it’s the BEST thing you can do.  I’m giving you this because I know without a shadow of a doubt that when you hear your team you

  • Know what you should do when on every topic
  • Will be able to help others on their path
  • Will be open to receiving abundance and opportunities
  • Will be able to MANIFEST the resources you need
  • Will know when you have wandered OFF path
  • Will know what healing you need

So you see, forget stress, frustration, reaction, your response should be off hand, laid back, unconcerned and if possible just a little fun light and throw away……you see heaven is light and heaven is very effective



Don’t let despondency become your buddy in this next two weeks, Use the energy of retrograde to create a new beginning and unlock your gifts and step into your life purpose, know one thing for sure, you are SO loved and support IS available and we want to see you Shine YOUR light!



With love and magic


Sheelagh and your team

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  1. Thank you for ‘shine your light’ message today. It was the perfect messages for the start of my day . Loved your tips and looking forward to my planning angels showing me beautiful things. Thank you Sheelagh. X

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