Your Soul Abundance Angel Is Just Waiting To Help……



What is abundance ?  Ususally more than we have now…..and normally the way we are told to get it is by ‘being happy longer’ but life isn’t always like that and it can feel a slow slog uphill


It truly doesn’t have to be that way, if you look at and understand what the energy is showing you – all to often the reason we feel so limited is because we’ve tied ourselves into a timeline that isn’t right for us in it’s current form, we stagger along hoping against hope something will change, but without we get really honest about what is- and what isn’t working – nothing can or will


Your Soul Abundance Angels Likes To Twiddle Your Knobs …..

You have knobs, settings, gauges in your chakras to do with how much abundance can find you, how long it stays and from which area it flows in from (money, business, relationships, fun etc) your ability to receive isn’t ‘just’ to do with your thoughts but the energy that created them, how much of it is yours – and how much of it is from the collective


Your Soul Abundance Angel is an archangel that is with you and wants nothing more than to twiddle your knobs to ‘fully flowing’ but can only do this if you are on track with what’s meant for you


Your Soul Abundance Angel is here to help you access more happiness, success and yes abundance by being who ‘you came here to be’ which is not always the same as ‘who we are currently being’ energetically – this is what restricts the flow


In This short video ( we promise it is ) you have an opportunity to find out what your Soul Abundance Angel wants you to know right now we would love (love love ) to know what you get

Would you like to know what your  Soul Abundance Archangel is telling you ‘directly’ ?  Would you like to know what your core manifesting vibration is ?  Clue: it’s the essence of who you Really are as a soul and who you came here to be – when you apply this to your life everything changes


We would SO love to support you to find out more about this and we have just 3 spaces left for the I Love Abundance Webinar on Saturday 1st October 3pm uk time – you can sign up here https://www.sheelaghmaria.com/abundance-webinar/



We want you to be abundant in all ways and we are super passionate about giving you the information and guidance that allows you to create real and lasting change


For now though ‘thank you so much’ for being part of my life and world – we love having the opportunity to share with you


Sending you so much love and light

Sheelagh and your Soul Abundance Angel

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