Soulmate Reading

This reading is going to look directly at your current partnership, or when
your next partner will be with you, along with Archangel Michael we will focus
upon this is a 30 min session
• Why your relationship is the way that it is • What you can or should do
about that
• Where this relationship is destined to go
For this reading I will use receive direct advice from Archangel Michael who
works with me in all sessions, we are able to advise you on the potential to
meet a soulmate who really IS what you want & need – we will also pinpoint
& clear any energies preventing you from meeting this person in real life
these can include
• Old soulmate contracts
• Past life agreements
• Blockages in your aura
• Programmes that don’t allow you to meet true soulmates

Please ensure you have read our terms and conditions before you order this reading.


Remote via Video

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