Spirit Guides – Develop Your Gifts & Messages From Your Spirit Guides

Spirit guides


Well it’s nearly time – September has been about taking that leap, committing to that change.  In fact, my guides told me clearly today to warn everyone with love, that October and November really can bring HUGE rewards, resources and new beginnings in all areas of your life IF you have committed to your expansion.

This means :

  • learning a new skill of any kind
  • Finding a new way of approaching an old problem
  • Expanding your awareness of your gifts and abilities
  • Developing your abilities in some way
  • Looking at yourself and others with new levels of awareness
  • Appreciating all of your blessings as they are

So if you HAVE done this, and are aware you are starting a new chapter – congratulations really well done you!

If you haven’t perhaps it’s because:

  • You have no proof it will pay off
  • It means a commitment of time and money with no guarantees
  • You’re scared, and it just is a risk
  • You have blocks and you can’t see them changing
  • Nothing so far has worked

Spirit Guides – Let them lead you

Then please, read on – your guides KNOW you are scared, stagnant, concerned, and perhaps even sad, angry and despondent, BUT it is a glass ceiling in front of you, if you merge ‘with it’ and go ‘through it’ despite those shaky, sick and unsure feelings it is our absolute promise in October and November things WILL become clearer, and after they become clearer, they get easier, and yes right now we know you are :

  • finding relationships confusing
  • Experiencing anxiety around money
  • Probably finding business a challenge
  • Are feeling overwhelmed by emotions

Despite ALL of that, you are SUPPOSED to keep walking.

So I’m putting one last shout out for my FREE webinar on Tuesday, it’s for those who :

  • Are ready, to try something different
  • Want more peace joy money sex love security
  • have tried everything else but nothing worked
  • Just don’t know who or what to do or trust and you’re out of options

Spirit guides


Look – it’s a webinar on its own its not going to change much but it WILL help you feel, nourished, loved and supported and that’s where the new beginnings can flow in, we are looking at ‘developing your intuition’ with a view to ‘manifesting your life purpose’ and here is what we will be covering

  • How your gifts can manifest your life purpose
  • receive a message from your guides
  • Learn what your gifts are
  • Receive an aura clearing
  • Understand what comes next

So you see even if you do nothing but catch the replay because I am a voice channel, simply listening to my voice Will create shifts for you, but if you do more than that, like sign up for the Intuitive Coaching you are likely to :

  • Feel an immediate sense of relief that you have taken action
  • Over the next few weeks see your levels of abundance rise
  • Relationships begin to heal spontaneously
  • Be able to get your own advice on Every subject whenever you need it
  • Help other people using Your gift in Their life

but first things first, the catch, there is none there is no fee, and a lot of love support and healing to be had, i have 2 live places and replays for 3 of you so answer me quickly if you want to benefit from the healing and magic that occurs

I am also offering membership to my new Facebook group Practical Magic FOR FREE where I will give readings, special offers, weekly exclusive access to my ‘Shine Your Light’ podcast and tips and tools from your spirit guides,  if you would like to be supported whatever your story, ask to join ‘Practical Magic’ on Facebook today


Your guides realise you get bombarded with spam, and I will apologise if this found thinking ‘go AWAY’ but if not and you really do want to up level your life and gifts, then join us in one way or another, you can manifest clarity with your team


With love magic and laughter


Sheelagh and your team

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