Your Stomach Chakra Is The Root Of Your Blocks – How To Heal This




So I’ll apologise for sending you ‘another email’ and please feel free to bin if this doesn’t resonate with you, but my guides have asked me to put out there a short support article as so many of you are having issues with the life changing issues your stomach chakra brings up

So many people are having huge issues with security and feeling helpless and powerless in their life and my guides truly want us to support you ‘right here right now ‘


The Stomach or sacral chakra is all about relationships, motivation, career and life purpose put simply it is where our ‘guts’ tell us whether we should go or stay fight or give in, live or wither etc – and right now many of us sensitive beings are feeling karmic energies from other lifetimes with the people around us really physically and emotionally

For me for three days I had chronic IBS I only eat organic food and it was accompanied by irritation – which thankfully passed, but I have seen this happening in most of my clients – you may well be experiencing


  • Physical symptoms such as abdo pain, cramps wind etc (nice lol)
  • Just sensing ‘something is coming’ and not knowing what to do with yourself
  • People around you getting ill or having life altering experiences
  • Issues with career redundancy and money
  • Relationships that have ‘gone on forever’ suddenly just breaking up
  • Car problems, technical problems, feeling really weak and vulnerable and feeling indecisive


All of these situations are caused by the karmic energies needing to be released, they have to come through you to leave, you are Not doing anything wrong, and even if it feels like you are all tried out, we promise you things will settle down eventually


There are however several things your guides need you to know and we will list these in this fun and lightheared card spread


Take a moment and choose picture a b or c for a channeled message from your guides – these are not from cards

Picture A



Picture B

a persevere2


Picture C

picture 3

Picture A – is ‘Denial’ The guides are sharing that the reason things feel so rocky for you is despite all signs to take action there is a level of denial – it’s vital you understand the stomach chakra is reacting to the energy around you and this means you have unresolved issues affecting your ability to manifest – the changes that you urgently or heartfeldly need to happen can only occur if you let them in, you are guided here to calm your centre (your stomach) and now ask your guides to come in and guide you to the person who can assist you  – moving this energy is vital and placing your trust in someone is also vital if you do not trust you cannot receive from any direction.  Your guides are saying ‘who do you know can help you ?  Who can give you some healing/advice/reassurance in this matter?’ of course it may be easier in your mind to cling on and hope it will all change but remember that all external circumstances are showing us something internally which means more of it will come if if action isn’t taken – act trust and receive


Picture B – is ‘Surrender’ The guides are sharing that you’ve gone into over drive using a lot of mental and emotional energy going over and around and through this matter, you are feeling out of sorts and don’t know how or when this will change, you are feeling quite anxious and frustrated and no amount of wishing and praying can change this with the energy in your aura, please get some perspective get outside and do something physical, spend time with people that appreciate you NOT talking about this topic, do something for someone else or do something mundane that allows you to be soothed, it’s vital that you understand that you can’t manifest on the 3rd dimension through effort if the energy isn’t aligned, the best thing you can do right now is give up give in let go and ask god to take it for you and from you, spend some time filling your heart centre with soft pink and ask your guides to apply this to your timeline, things will work out in the coming weeks and you will need to take action at some point – but not with effort not with stress and not today for now just ‘be’


Picture C – is Perseverance The guides are sharing that this isn’t about effort or trying it’s about understanding for some reason the world and her people aren’t quite where you are, and so moving forward needs to be done with patience and knowing that you will receive what you deserve and the energy will ‘catch you up, the most important thing is not to give up too soon but don’t confuse that with effort and trying, be peaceful in as many ways as you can and ‘don’t ask too many questions’ when you ask questions you throw more energy into the mix and it sends out a signal of confusion, you may not know the what or the why but you know that where you are right now is where you are at, accept this and place some faith in your team who are telling you ‘yes but not yet’ keep moving slowly gracefully and take great care of you along the way




This pink vortex was given to me by spirit as a energy medicine for all of you – we truly understand that at times life can feel chaotic and when we work with colour and spirit and intention we can change things’ so much’ i work with advanced tools designed to help you manifest the life you came here to have and we are being told that breathing in this pink into your stomach is going to help you feel more settled as you breathe this in please affirm ‘i am supported all is in hand’ and slow your breathing down


Abundance is available even in this moment so is peace and clarity – I’m very shortly going to be unveiling my magical healing sessions ‘Abundance And Prosperity along with a truly magical Abundance healing course – aided by spirit healing techniques readings and channeled vibrational healings all of these are going to help you manifest what you desire in double quick time – for now though I’m inviting you to come and have a chat with me ‘no strings’ if you are fed up of feeling frustrated and want to know if spirit can help – all it takes is a desire to change things for once and for all, and yes it does mean investing in yourself but when you do this it will be rewarded very quickly


If you would like to know how your team of guides can assist you then contact me for a 20 min chat to see what they suggest


With love magic and miracles

Sheelagh and your team


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  1. Hi Sheelagh,
    I would like to know what my guides want to tell me. To be honest I feel that I’m out of sorts I could use some help with that.
    Thank you!

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