Superstar Or Super Bitch What The Supermoon means for you


It’s the Retrograde & the Gemini Supermoon & in fact it’s a Gemini writing this – I have been called all things from inspiring through to ‘a bitch’ ‘crazy and ungrounded’ and many other things I take in my stride – this is about what a Supermoon means for you ‘real style’ and whether this makes you a Superstar or a Superbitch


A Supermoon is bigger than an ordinary moon as it orbits closer to earth, the sun is in Sagittarius and Mercury has Gemini ‘moonwalking’ backwards through her so it’s a powerful one let’s break this baby down


Your life Your Way -Yay?

The retrograde makes everyone think ‘things are gonna go wrong’ but what if they all begin to go your style of right meaning


  • You show up for yourself first rather than your husband, the kids, your in laws and you save some time for you ?
  • Your Priorities FINALLY change and you realise there are some things you won’t stand for any more
  • You become at peace or at list chill out about what you can change and who you really can’t
  • You start to get over what you haven’t manifested and you become pleased with what you have
  • You are ‘done’ saying ‘yes’ when you mean ‘no’ and you are done with people who frown at you when you refuse to agree to ‘their way’ even if that does cause some upset short term
  • Your Block list gets longer and you delete the messages that make your shoulders sag
  • You update your terms and conditions on your website and make your cancellation policy much clearer


Phew girl you Superstar – but what if your Mother in Law thinks your a bitch ?



Key words for this Supermoon to watch out for ‘real style’ are : honesty – getting real with everyone where you need too, revelation – you Don’t like spending your client sessions rescuing them breakdown – you won’t put up with ‘that’ any more for love nor money breakthrough – realising you can’t heal him and actually you don’t Want to any more Communication – yes sadly you must spell it out sometimes


Being a bitch cures the itch – when you say what needs to be said and you do what needs to be done you will realise that you don’t need to manifest answers for certain situations because by giving your clients, your husband your mother in law the option to grow you free up your own energy, you don’t need to escape convince yourself things will be better when that prediction was made that now just got a whole lot easier here’s the crunch of it



This is me rocking out on my husbands bike – when You feel powerful sexy and heard you give them space to do the same for them, sometimes the reason things got so bad is your energy is in their space and they just put the brakes on


When you step back into your lane and give them control and room in theirs amazing things can happen such as


  • Them showing you just how much you mean to them
  • Opportunities show up that honour you more because Your energy is stronger
  • Sex gets better
  • They begin to say things you’ve said for ages but you never thought they heard
  • Their boundaries get clearer for them
  • Money begins to flow again because you are honouring you which means the Universe does too
  • Splits CAN happen but more than often new evolution occurs


So this month whatever is rocking your boat let it rock, let your colours show let your voice be heard let your preferences be known and don’t worry if things appear to fall apart sooner or later they’l become what they were always meant to be


If you need support now is the time to get it and I’m offering you the chance to enjoy a ‘Soul Sparks Future Forecast’ where we will dive into


  • The trends for 2018 and all the opportunities this can bring you
  • The pitfalls – there is always duality forewarned and all that
  • Your Passions and where you can expand
  • Your Guides – who are they and why are they with you
  • Your Soulmates – let’s look at your man your mam and your kids what concerns or plain superbitch nosiness do you have ?
  • Your Sexy as ass self – just how are YOU gonna rock out from here to then ?

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‘Yes please this superstar/superbitch wants to focus on her ‘

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