The Key To Your Future Is Your Soul Type…..


Hello gorgeous one, I hate getting bombarded with emails so I try only to reach out when I have something of interest to share, and today I wanted to share just how important it is to feel your soul energy guiding you, how you are being guided to expand


For me, I use 12 soul  types, that were given to me by my guide, and in particular it is my own soul type that helps me the most

I generally see people ‘thinking’ far too much about why there here and what’s next, when tuning into your soul energy will give you the most immediate answers you need

For example Angel souls NEED nurturing and to feel nurtured by their lives, when an angel soul does Not feel nurtured by their environment or their spouse or vocation, they become highly anxious and can become ungrounded, causing their path to slow right down


Starseed souls NEED to feel they undertand their purpose right now, becuase moving forward is Such a big thing, particuarly they feel as if they are ‘running out of time’ – as a Starbeing you often had lives of between 900 – 1500 ‘years’ and so you got a LOT done – here you can feel extremely pressured when in fact you are already accomplishing a lot, but when you DO feel frustrated – guess what you manifest….begins with ‘f’!


Et souls need a certain amount of galactic energy, retired souls need a lot of rest and tlc, and healer souls need to feel they are healing others as well as themselves


Put simply your soul type is how your soul is destined to grow whilst on earth, it is also how you manifest what you need to thrive – so often I hear empaths telling me they can;t manifest and all too often it;s because your environment is wrong, it lowers and scatters your vital life force energy and then you go into a downward spiral


In this short video I explain how two soul types manifest, Angel Souls and Starseed souls – as they make up the majority of whom i help we hope it helps you



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We are in such a powerful time, I for one am seeing people that are experiencing painful endings in their lives AND people about to experience powerful new beginnings, whichever it is for you remember this :  Your soul came here to grow, and although you feel fear at the unknown and are MUCH more comfortable with how it is, your higher self KNOWS it can be SO much better than this, but first of all you have to let go……..and grow


We are wishing you the most magical motivated productive and progressive November so far


and if you need us

well we’re here


Sheelagh and your team



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