The Lightworker Archetypes – Who Are You ?

So you feel deeply you are here to help people yet perhaps you are in the middle of your own crossroads – you know deep down you are here for something bigger – yet real life ‘keeps getting in the way’ – perhaps your caring for someone with health issues, or you don’t have the time or money to make the impact you know your here too – what secret do your challenges contain that are the key to your purpose – and your abundance ?


  1. The Gate Keeper –¬† – sacred sites places in nature and crystal grids all sit well with you – you are here firstly to ground sacred energy in many forms into the earth and transmute the energy of sadness and fear from the collective – sometimes it can all feel too much work and you feel drained – the one thing you Do need is ‘knowledge for you’ – your ‘prana’ is knowledge and ascension and as long as you would be happy – you are always ‘searching’ for some new energy to learn and we would suggest connecting with the Starbeings and learning to heal with them
  2. The Seer –¬†you likely have several sets of oracle cards, a bowl of crystals and are very drawn to anything to do with timelines, the future or multiple realities – your connections with energy maybe mediumistic, predictive and you may have dabbled with the elemental realm too – your connections are with ‘guides’ rather than¬† and your own challenges may be to do with a regular flow of¬† opportunities to share your gift and get paid well for it – you may find the people who come to you ask ‘nuts and bolt’ questions and you may feel as if you aren’t fulfilling your purpose – your role on earth is to accelerate peoples potential and this means Yours included – your guidance is to learn to heal peoples timeline issues and help them create potential by doing this for yourself too – past life healing and abundance clearings¬†



3. The Space holder/healer –¬†you may well have challenges with people respecting your time and energy you may¬† you have an naturally caring heart and only ‘want to give’ however you also know that some people are very used to taking – you are likely already to be a ‘modality healer’ but still have money issues or issues with confidence you may wonder if you are a medium or a potential channeller¬† – your greatest challenge is to help yourself first – namely as a space holder- healer¬† you need to create more energetic space in your life for new knowledge and new clients to come in – we are advising that you slowly grow your confidence as a messenger also don’t compare yourself to other intuitive and don’t believe you have to ‘hear and prove you see the dead’ in order to be of service – did you know there are up to 9 types of clairvoyance alone ? Your Guidance is to learn to receive messages from higher beings such as the Ascended Masters & the Archangels¬†

5.¬†The Medicine Woman/Man –¬† you will be a crystal healer, modality healer or be into herbs, and even journeying – your abilities are as diverse as your confidence and you may find you are limited by the knowledge you ‘think’ you have right now – you may perceive your gift is limited to a modality or your ability to use that modality when in fact your true gift is to channel energy and direct it for unlimited uses – also known as alchemy your challenge may in in explaining this to your would be clients and not realizing that you can assist them with just about every dilemma from financial lack to relationship woes your energy ‘medicine’ can help – your own confidence may be dented if you haven’t been able to find the right clients who understand just what a resource you are – your guidance is to¬†Use energy in an unrestricted positive way¬†and learn to heal peoples life areas through connection with your helpers and the divine –¬†learning to channel vibrational medicines of plants flowers abundance and love¬†and remove blocks that affect the clients life now will all render you invaluable to your coaching or healing client – you will ‘own ‘ your remarkable connection to Source and your own ‘sources’ will flourish

6.¬†The Messenger or Channeller¬†at times your meditations have turned into involuntary self speaking sessions, ‘ your meditations may have included chanting and your body may move of it’s own accord, and you may have been ‘feeling the presence of beings around you ‘waiting for their chance to speak’ – as a messenger your challenge is one of confidence but also keeping it grounded – and their are many different forms of channelling¬† – your biggest challenge may be explaining it to those around you – and finding those who appreciate what a amazing ability you have – your guidance is to¬†ensure you are supported in your progress and trust the source you are channelling and make sure you are fully grounded¬†do you have a channelling teacher ? Do you feel confident of the high source of your guidance ?¬† Are you ready to offer this as a service ?¬† – we can help

6. The Intuitive Coach With A Hidden Gem –¬†so you market yourself as a mindset coach, or a manifestation coach – but really you are way more intuitive than you admit, your biggest challenge may be in setting yourself apart from other coaches because you are concerned about appearing ‘too out there’ just how much woo is true ?¬† Your intuition comes under the umbrella of Clairvoyance but does not require you to wear hoop earings or have pink hair (like me lols) your clients won’t know how much they will benefit unless You are confident in how your inner connection can help – imagine having your client feel so secure in what you are giving them as guidance they really accept ‘their own’ inner knowing and take those steps that have remained elusive for them – just how fulfilling would that be ?¬† Helping clients with business blocks, abundance clearings and even soul conditions that prevent them from really going after the life they deserve is true service and helping another person understand their soul purpose is an absoloute honour because by doing that you are fulfilling yours your guidance is¬†develop your intuition and your ability to give your clients their purpose¬†the more aligned You are with your higher knowledge the more you can help them – our offering below helps you to do this


‘Practical Magic’ The Practitioners Course’ is your opportunity to start a whole new chapter in your life


  • Learn how to channel ascended masters and give life purpose readings and clearings
  • Learn how to channel Fairies and give yourself and clients abundance healings
  • Learn how to channel the Pleiadians and give advanced healing
  • Learn how to speech channel Goddess’s and give an empowerment reading
  • learn how to safely develop your clairvoyance / intuition to help yourself in every event



Whatever kind of lightworker you are this is a one of a kind opportunity you receive charts, full instruction AND my

‘authorization’ to call yourself a Practical Magic Practitioner on successful completion of the course – you will be giving test readings and clearings and receive feedback on these – yes we know it’s easier to ‘keep your money and your world’ the same – but right now if you don’t do something that ‘shows you mean business’ the energy is going to keep getting smaller and tighter – we believe if your reading this you are on the cusp of something bigger but YOU have to be the reason that happens – other wise nothing will


We are offering you the opportunity to have a completely free chat with us about upgrading and uplevelling your amazing gift – you Say you want to help people but as always you have to help yourself first


With 100% belief in you

Sheelagh and your team

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